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Look up to the stars.... Bush Adventure

Yes, normally this is a fashion blog, don’t worry, we don’t rough it when we go to the bush. We still wear Gucci, Diesel and Dior. 200 more words


Game Review : Hunter's Guild

A card-game modeled after your typical Vampire-slayer mindset, Robb De Nicola’s successfully funded KickStarter Hunter’s Guild pits players against one-another in a race to compete and be the first to take down one of those pesky sun-deprived, eternally manic, blood-drinking fiends that stalk your neighborhood mischievously throughout the night. 1,940 more words

Game Review

Monday Tropes: Hunters of the Supernatural

If there are non-human sentient beings, then there’s a good chance there are humans more than willing to hunt them down and kill them. This could either be for fun, revenge, or because it’s what’s “right,” but chances are that no matter the natural morality of the non-humans, there are people who want to kill them. 249 more words

Creative Writing

As The World Waits For More 'Star Wars', Fill That Gap With A New Art Series By Alex Griendling; "Hunters"

Is the wait for the new Star Wars movies just too hard to take? Did you try and audition for a part in the new movies and get knocked back? 565 more words

Print Releases

Legacy of Kain: Fragility Chapter One

Kain deep in thought about the future of his youngest, and questioning the rightness of allowing him to fall to such a fate, is called upon to stage a rescue. 729 more words

Real-Life Paleo Diet Included Spiral-Tusked Elephant Ancestor

There’s a new mega-mammal on the menu of America’s first hunters.

On a ranch in northwestern Sonora, Mexico, archaeologists have discovered 13,400-year-old weapons mingled with bones from an extinct elephant relative called the gomphothere. 875 more words


Program Lets Kids Under Age 10 Fire Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzleloaders

LANSING (WWJ/AP) - Children in Michigan who are under the age of 10 can get learn how to shoot rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders and even crossbows during two free events next week in Oakland County. 275 more words