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Spring Sandhills

We just returned from a trip to Wisconsin, where we picked up a new dog. It’s a Wachtel, of course (see my last post). Her name is Neva and she’s a real cutie, like almost all puppies are. 381 more words


Wok What?

The use of dogs, close relatives to wild wolves, to aid human hunters remains controversial. Of course, human hunters are themselves a controversy. I can understand why many don’t like hunting or hunters, but I’m proud to be a hunter and I sometimes hunt with dogs. 463 more words


Peck's Progress Report

I hope everyone is having a nice spring!  If you’ve been putting off some of your training goals until the weather improved, it’s time!  Get out there! 711 more words

Doggone Excitement

Sunday was a refreshing day of warmth and sunshine, which melted enough snow to bring us almost back to where things were before last week’s storm. 704 more words


Quite politely

A gentleman in a riding habit (left) rides his horse through the door of a cottage startling the family who sit at their dinner table. The man’s hunting dog jumps at the young son who sits closest to the door; he screams in terror, his fork and knife frozen part way to his mouth and his leg thrown up, spilling a pitcher from the table.

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Prints & Drawings

The trail less taken


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.–Robert Frost

Once I had a good friend that would relate many of the things that we deal with in life to the realm of the outdoor world. 436 more words

Larry Case

Old Dogs

                                     “Blessed is the person that has earned the love of an old dog”.–  Sydney Jeanne Seward

The brown pointer trembled as I reached down to release her from the leash. 568 more words

Cur Dog Nation