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Check Out This Article I Wrote For "Retriever Life Magazine"

“Know Your Retriever” – Check out the article page here.

By Sean Zabihi

Your retriever is your companion and vice versa. Whether your dog is by your side, on a duck hunt, or snuggling with you in front of your TV, it is fulfilling a task or behavior tens of thousands of years in the breeding. 836 more words


The Power Of A Puppy

This weekend will mark Alexander and I’s last as a “puppy free” household. We have a lot on the to-do list in terms of last minute items we need for Ray, but in the meantime I am catching up on my dog training tips thanks to our family. 209 more words

Neva's the Name

Neva, our recent addition to our pack of Wachtelhunde’s, is growing rapidly. Close to twice as big as in the photo. She’s a smart dog, but does get into a lot of trouble. 437 more words


It's a jungle out there

And it’s a recurring theme for me, the shock and awe I have for this riot of growth. I know it isn’t unique—anywhere that experiences four distinct seasons, and especially long winters, is just as resurrected each spring.  1,451 more words

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Counting Down The Days

We’re in the home stretch and it’s beginning to look like a dog is moving in…

…but if you ever catch me pushing Ray in one of these, please call a psychologist and set me up with an appointment, stat! 22 more words

The Noble, Gentle Greyhounds of Spain in the Wrong Hands

Lori Kalef
SPCA International

In the south of Spain, there is a form of hunting hares where the hunters use Spanish Greyhounds, or Galgos in Spanish, as weapons to find their prey. 521 more words

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You Need How Much For A Dog?

In a matter of weeks, my run to the grocery store will include a new set of items—dog food and other dog necessities. I’ve spent 27 years walking past, not down the animal food aisle of the grocery store and I’m not sure if I’m excited or intimidated by all of the different choices. 176 more words