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Bye Brill

My oldest and beautiful dog left us yesterday. It was very sad, and was much harder to deal with than I expected. Brill had been ‘getting old’ for a long time, and watching her die ever so slowly, I thought, would make dealing with her death, when it eventually came, not so hard. 88 more words


Your one wish for this season

Before New Year’s Day, there’s another holiday. We hope, we wish, we make lists and check them twice, and it all culminates with the requisite gift-giving and receiving. 127 more words


Remembering Juno

August 15, 2012, the day I lost Juno, my four year old Brittany. She developed a malignant tumor in her mouth and by the time it was detected there was nothing that could be done. 209 more words

Gun Dogs

Amazing Things Dog Noses Do: Hunting

Hunt dogs are so fascinating, from how they operate to how they are taught. Did you know if your dog has a dry, crusty nose they can’t hunt very well? 831 more words

The Natural Dog Blog

Choosing your All-Seasons Pointing Birddog – Part I

The adage “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” applies to all canine activities, but probably more to birddog work than to any other. 1,060 more words


Democats and Repuplicans

The humans in our household, and virtually all who visit, have a similar political viewpoint – Conservative. For the non-humans, however, the two-party system is alive and well. 590 more words

Neil Beltran

Our Puppy Is Making Me Bipolar: The First Ten Days With Our Ten Week Old Hellion

Like most spouses, I will do almost anything for my other half and that feeling has always been reciprocated. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that if Alexander ever doubted my love for him, it’s been proven tenfold! 513 more words