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Michigan Mitts

There goes those Michigan mitts again.  Snaking into the food bowl and coming away with a hunk of food.  Notice the dribbles on the floor? The Merkitty does not clean up.   44 more words

Animal Behavior

Pemenang Lomba Foto Human Interest KSF 11

Setiap bulan, Komunitas Semut Foto ( KSF ) mengadakan acara untuk para anggotanya. Pada bulan Maret 2013, KSF mengadakan lomba foto di Nu Art Gallery – Setra Duta dengan Tema Human Interest. 68 more words


Mourning Dove

This morning I heard a distinctive oo oo ooooo call of the mourning dove. I haven’t heard it here and am excited to have them. I believe it is the call of the male to entice the female to nest. 84 more words

Fabric List

Here is a list of all the Fabrics that we have. All we need to know is the Number and Letter of the fabric you have choose. 158 more words


Hunting Stories

My two older brothers and my dad have always loved hunting. I’ve never actually hunted anything before, but I have been dragged into helping them on their adventures several times. 317 more words


The Use of Trail Cameras For Game Management

The progress of modern trail cameras from the early days of the first ones that were tripped by a string across the path has been enormous. 367 more words


You Can't Live On Bread Alone But It Makes For A Pretty Sweet Hobby

We…we need to talk.  I don’t know how to say this. Maybe you should sit down. In fact, you might need a stiff drink. You see, I’ve…I’ve been keeping something from you.  1,311 more words