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Pew: Democrats Losing Millennials

Breitbart.comChriss W. Street reports:  Barack Obama may be the Republicans’ best friend when it comes to educating 18-33-year olds of the Millennial Generation about the downside of voting for the Democrats’ economic policies. 420 more words


Lemons to Lemonade: Biloxi's Tree Art

Imagine 125 mph winds and a storm surge 22 feet tall on an unprotected white sand beach. In Biloxi, Mississippi on August 29, 2005 this was the cataclysmic reality when Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city.


dark horse

I’ve been absent for awhile, a lot has happened. Mainly just blah. Lots of work, lots of picture taking. But I can’t show you BECAUSE I can’t find my card reader! 280 more words

Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere, by Julie Lamana

Summary:  At the end of August 2005, ten-year-old Armani is looking forward to her birthday party in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, where she and her extended family live, but Hurricane Katrina is on the way, bringing destruction and tragedy in its wake. 6 more words


Zane and the Hurricane, by Rodman Philbrick

Summary:  A twelve-year-old boy and his dog become trapped in New Orleans during the horrors of Hurricane Katrina.


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Historical Fiction

In 2006, VH1 Classic ran Fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina Relief in Which Viewers Could Donate $25 to see the Music Video of Their Choice. One Viewer Donated $35, 000. Their Choice? '99 Luftballoons'. For an Hour

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They’re kidding, right?

VH1 Classic will present a full hour of the English and German music videos for the 1984 hit 99 Luftballons, aka 99 Red Balloons, by German rock group Nena. 116 more words


Author Paul Grondahl: His story in words and pictures

Paul Grondahl is an award-winning journalist and author. Grondahl has been a staff writer at the Albany Times Union since 1984, where his assignments have taken him from the Arctic to Antarctica; from Northern Ireland to Africa; from New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina and Haiti after its catastrophic earthquake in 2010; and across New York State, from Ground Zero on 9/11 to the Adirondack wilderness.