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Retrospective: SimCity 2000 (or why the world's energy problems will be solved by 2050)

When you are a child, the world is full of endless possibilities (it’s also full of asshole bullies and unfair rules, but never mind that.) And no game better embodied that world of possibilities than did… 978 more words


Rebuttal: Summer of Disappointment Carolina Hurricanes Edition

Puck Daddy is running a series called Summer of Disappointment right now, each article focusing on one team and its’ biggest bloopers, disappointments, and letdowns. They recently had a blogger Debra Bree cover the Hurricanes. 725 more words


New Orleans eating, drinking, riding mechanical bulls.

Until you’ve eaten Acme oysters and got I inebriated on hand grenades, mind erasers and voodoos you haven’t experience the real New Orleans. Dripping with southern style the seafood is beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. 502 more words

Climate Change Risks: Birds Decline, Long Droughts, and More!


OO As Temperatures Rise, Britain Is Losing Its Waterbirds But birds in the U.S. are also being affected.

Record-Setting Drought Intensifies in Parched California… 242 more words

Trampling on Coal Country Families

This is from Town Hall.

Here in Indiana we get most of our electricity from coal.

I see first hand the damage happening to our state and the coal miners along with their families. 1,381 more words

The Multi-Dimensional Bermuda Triangle

One of my readers posted this message to my blog, I decided to make a post of it because I agree with most of the content and it follows along with my line of thinking & research.   499 more words