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Hurricane Katrina responses

Aid was delayed by 5 days

many could not afford to evacuate

president bush gave poor information

all computer models predicted levee failures but it was ignored… 22 more words

Hurricane Katrina economic effects

No work at oil refineries

casinos looted

400,000 houses without power

explosions from chemical plant

businesses abandoned

damage worth. $81.2 Billion

Hurricane Katrina social effects

Up to 1836 people killed

500,000 refugees

water polluted by oil and snakes

no water, food, power, fuel or communications

poverty in New Orleans became obvious

Hurricane Katrina environmental effects

wave surge of 9m covered land in Biloxi

coastal mangroves destroyed

levees broke in New Orleans

80% of New Orleans flooded

trees and vegetation destroyed

fresh water contaminated

62 Hurricanes associated

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It was 1969, and a man had just walked on the moon. In Biloxi, Mississippi, the town is ready to celebrate and ponder the possibilities. 270 more words

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