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Hurricane Katrina

In this video you will see soldiers helping people in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit; this was expected to happen but it never did!

Hurricane Katrina

After the hurricane hit, people that fled from New Orleans were found in all 52 states.

Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane destroyed pretty much everything in New Orleans and allowed criminals to loot slums refugees’ put up. To prevent being looted, many people put signs on their slums saying things like “please don’t loot, it’s all we have!”.

Hurricane Katrina

The flooding destroyed almost everything and took wreckage with it. It flowed into a large graveyard and and forced the graves out the ground so there were many graves (and dead people) floating around.

Responses of Katrina

- UK sent food

- government gave $50 billion

- the National Guard restored New Orleans

- New Orleans was declared unsafe and uninhabitable


Economic Effects Of Katrina

- damage worth $300 billion

- oil tanks and platforms destroyed

- looted shops

- price for fuel rose

- less tourism