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Germans Upset About 5 Million Illegal Immigrants In US-Amerika

That those bad Republicans could stop El Presidente from sparing them from deportation and thus not let them get their work permits, I mean.

Meanwhile…44% of Germans surveyed resent having a small number of LEGAL asylum seekers in their country and want them to get the hell out. 63 more words


Moving On Less Than

Crushing days become

tiny cracked seconds

where I ruminate

upon precise

balanced words

you could have conjured

for me to erase

the chaos of your past, 52 more words


I Love A Parade

For decades, neo-Nazis have traveled to the southeastern German town of Wunsiedel, where Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy, was buried until 2011. The right-wing extremists march through the town in commemoration of Hess year after year, glorifying the horrors of the Third Reich. 114 more words


Vague Springs

From this falling summit…

upset in blossomed breaths.

To feel betrayed…failing

in ascending spaces

void of air,

gasping for love life’s chalet.

On a lake we lay… 30 more words


So Sorry

I’m so sorry YOUR feelings got hurt because YOU fucked up and *I* was held responsible for it.

After you watched as I was humiliated and berated for YOUR completely unacceptable and inappropriate work behavior, you couldn’t just leave me alone for a few minutes to chill out?!?! 107 more words


No point.

I am done with her, shouts D. and the door bangs behind him. Bang, bang. Hey, say I. but D. doesn’t look at me and so I sit back on my chair, where I have been waiting for the last forty minutes, drinking too much lemonade. 468 more words

Where Is The Love?

Stumble Backwards

This obscure sanctuary,

exiled from your heart,

possesses some bitter solace.

The dawn threads

melancholy fascinations

and consciousness

grasping at morsels

of reflection.

Is it okay to say… 88 more words