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Chapter 2~ Outside the Garden-What are you burying?

“Hiding won’t protect our hearts forever. ~Jo Ann Fore

When A Woman Finds Her Voice page 37

It’s amazing isn’t it? How easily we can bury our “stuff”. 591 more words

San Diego Serenade...

That Monday night Dana and I went back and forth, the end result being her hitting me repeatedly in the driveway.


“What “busted”? We’re getting a divorce! 1,347 more words


Girl Code

I feel like I’ve always had a pretty good idea of what Girl Code really means when it comes to my guy friends. If they’re in relationships, I don’t constantly text any of them or excessively snapchat them. 775 more words

Russia Passing Less Gas Than Usual

To Europe, I mean. Do to a “technical disturbance,” it seems. Some 20 to 24 percent less natural gas than agreed to. All of a sudden-like. 56 more words


He said, she said


One of the ‘Dots’ in relationships is communication. This Dot impacts the quality of our friendships, workplace and lives, BIG TIME- the way we speak and listen to each other is that important.  417 more words



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.


Words That Build Walls


I’m not very good at speaking words.

I get this awkward knot in my throat and my hands become


I sometimes stumble over the words… 787 more words