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Chapter 20

Summer nostalgia & lack there of

There’s a reunion for my IB class in October coming up. A couple of my former classmates, whom I still see, are trying to convince me we should go there together (because everyone’s definition of our worst nightmare is apparently still in high school and thinks that having none of your friends show up is worse than death, plague and terrorism all combined)! 479 more words


the worst thing

is for people to leave you because of your disorders. because they take “too much energy” or “too much time” or “too much out of… 71 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Cocky German Soccer Team Loses To Australia

Still on an unnatural natural high after their nation’s recent World Cup championship victory over Argentina in Brazil, an overconfident team of German robots has lost miserably to Australia 5-1 in the RoboCup 2014 final. 48 more words



no matter how many days go by, i still miss the company of my old friend seth. he made me laugh, he listened, he helped me. 107 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

German Understanding For Russia Still Very Understanding For Some Strange Reason

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry: One-fourth of German export firms are affected by Russian sanctions.

“Betroffen ist davon in etwa jedes vierte deutsche Unternehmen, das im Ausland aktiv ist.”


what a great night.

me and a few friends drove up the mountain, and i said “gosh it’s hard to breath up here.” so they responded “maybe you shouldn’t have started smoking again” to which i responded “please guys, i’m already ashamed enough” and they said “good”. 89 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder