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The Germans Are Coming!

Just not right now.

Germany wants to strengthen its role in international affairs. But recent reports suggest the country’s weapons systems are in such disrepair that Berlin actually has very little to offer its partners. 7 more words


It’s ok, I’m hurt.

I’m not hurt! I meant I’m not hurt!!

—Me, after being hurt.


The Monster in Me

“I mean, what kind of a monster am I?” Even as I laughed at my friend’s rhetorical question, the essence of her question continues to resonate with me. 595 more words

Life In General

Holiday Gift Tags...

To: Howard Loid

From: Tawny Walls

I’ve struggled with this email for the last day and a half. I’m not sure I should be   sending this because I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. 770 more words


Das Oktoberfest Hat Begonnen!

O’zapft is!

Oktoberfest guests probably don’t want to turn up on this site after their visit: “München kotzt” (Munich pukes) documents the low points of the world’s largest… 23 more words



First of all, I was born in the deep South in 1950, another world. Mother was determined to raise us to be above criticism. This was hard on me, a kid quite comfortable with criticism. 994 more words

Family Stories

Forget About The Scots

Now it’s time to get the Bavarians outta here!

In further signs that the Scottish referendum on independence is inspiring secessionist movements across Europe, Germany’s Bavaria Party has signalled its support for the Scottish Yes campaign amidst hopes that Bavaria could also become independent. 41 more words