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The Path - Chapter 2

The Path

Main Cast :: Kim Taeyeon, Xi Luhan, Oh Sehun

Other Cast :: Soojung and another cast.

Genres :: Romance, maybe lil bit angst and hurt. 2,633 more words


Dear John

I’ve never had any experience of having a romantic relationship with the opposite sex yet, so I can’t really relate to this post much, but I’d like to write something dedicated to a friend of mine. 319 more words

Every little girl's dream.

So was another holiday over, easter includes lots of days. Days most people spend with family and friends, days I used to love as a child and days I today wish never appear in the calendar. 597 more words


When you’re not here , i want you to be. I want you all the time so badly & i don’t know why because you don’t deserve me but i want you to be able to deserve me eventually. 84 more words

Oh, Emotions

Girls are mostly related to being emotional and sometimes girls who are being emotional are said to be having PMS. Ouch. We don’t always act emotional. 795 more words

Little Thoughts

"Too much, too changed"

“What?” I said, “too much to handle”

I was stunned by what he had just said. Me? Too much to handle at the moment? How in hell’s name can someone not change during the course of five years. 173 more words

"You can’t avoid life’s potholes... the good news is there is far more joy and happiness available to you when you choose to see it."

“You can’t avoid life’s potholes. No one gets a free pass or a smooth road. There will be, we’re sorry to say, some sorrow, fear, pain, sadness or other stress.  355 more words