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There comes a time when you feel as if you were floated in a calm cold ocean water, with a great, great pain in your head… You see your thoughts passing infront of your eyes, and every thought crossing the other and as every thought comes in to stop the previous one it feels like a speeding car on the highway that hits the iron fence and crumbles, you bite harder on your teeth trying to control what’s in your head but all what you feel is a boat going trough between your eyebrows, heavy on you… All of these things are not what you want to face, you need to run away from these thoughts, you need someone or something to save you, you can’t even cry for help because you are too busy thinking how to stop thinking, how to just end it.

That moment.

Letting go is never been easy, neither holding on. I don’t know where I stand in your life. Who am I to you? What am I to you? 75 more words

Passions. Hurting or Helping?

I find it kind of funny that people tend to run to a passion that they love to express their feelings. Is that helping or hurting us? 473 more words


Because when you get upset it’s like a bomb going off.
The radius is vast;
There is almost no place one can be without
Receiving collateral damage. 37 more words

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