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The art is by myself, the words are from a young Scottish singer/songwriter called David Sneddon. I wanted to include the song in this post but wordpress and all it’s issues lately won’t let me upload youtube videos at the moment.

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Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall In Medical Marijuana States (MM Is Finally Legal In Wales)

I don’t take drugs, I never have but after much research about the amazing affects of medical marijuana on PWMS (people with MS)I am going to book an appointment to have a chat with my doctor. 784 more words


An Early Night

It’s only 8.30pm but I so need some pain relief so I’m going to take some extra strong ones which will knock me out. Night night, God bless, Su x



Do you know what, I just want to say I’m pretty proud of the way I cope with my multiple health problems. Despite how I feel I get up as soon as my eyes are open every single day. 46 more words


Cos I'm Not Fine At All - No I'm Really Not Fine At All.

I’ve spent ALL day crying silently today, I spend a lot of days doing this and it’s not through choice.

I just MISS you, I miss you so much 💔 and it hurts………maybe tomorrow Amnesia will return and embrace me, and cut these chains that bind…..


Cable on Ohio amusement park ride snaps, hurting 2

An Ohio amusement park ride that swings riders as high as 125 feet (38 meters) has been closed indefinitely after a cable snapped, injuring two visitors. 10 more words