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The Empty Photo Frame

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I Can’t Hate You Anymore
The truth is, I’ve never HATED anybody in my whole life and I hope I never will. 440 more words



Sometimes music gives words to that which we cannot describe.

A good friend of mine made a mix CD of songs to help through the hard times. 642 more words


Just Tired....

I’m tired of getting lied to, tired of being used, tired of fake people, tired of pleasing people, tired of judgemental people. Just tired..

I’m just tired of having to guess, I’m tired of closed hearts and judgemental minds, I’m tired of today, I’m tired of tomorrow, I’m tired of being misunderstood, I’m tired of trying to do the right thing, I’m tired of praying, I’m tired of another’s actions causing me unhappiness, I’m tired of giving so much love and getting none back, I’m tired of not understanding. 64 more words


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I'm re blogging this post I wrote last December, in the hope that it will inspire other people who are suffering the un natural and cruel, unloving and uncaring emotional abuse at the hands of a narcissist . I am now free of him and looking back, he knew exactly what he was doing. If you are a kind, caring, loving woman or man, who will do that extra 100 miles to help someone, then at some point in your life you may well fall pray to a narcissist. If you are in any kind of relationship where the person has no compassion, no empathy and everything he or she does is to make themselves look or feel better about themselves, then it urge you to research the mental illness called Narcissistic Personality Disorder and get the hell out of that relationship as fast as you can. Mine drained every single ounce of self worth that I had in me, and yes I am worthy, I am not a bad person. I spent my whole adult life helping others, I was a Special Needs Teacher and i know in my heart I am a lovely person. I am a strong independent woman but my God that old bastard almost destroyed me. I don't do HATE, BUT I feel probably the closest to that ugly emotion right now than I ever have. I have a feeling he will still carry on trying to destroy me in a subtle way. This is a subject Ii intend to write much more about as I truly want to do all I possibly can to help others. I have received emails from people in the same situation. Anybody can email me, my email is on the blog, I respect confidentiality 100%. I will help you in any way I can. Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead xxx

Goodbye You Cruel EVIL Impotent ICE COLD NARCISSIST ! Jog On Little (OAP) Boy

Can Narcissists Truly Love Anyone

From my experience, narcissists feed off our pain and suffering. They ALL get a little rush from seeing us hurt. 1,387 more words


Beside You

“We both fall asleep underneath the same sky”