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Happy or Hurting Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving and there are many that are beyond excited to spend this time with family and friends. There are a percentage of families that everything seems to fall into place and everyone gets to come home to the appointed location for the festivities. 226 more words

Grateful in All Circumstances [shared from Abandoned To Christ]

Can we truly be grateful for every single thing in our lives? The good and the bad? Today I decided to share a wonderful post about this from… 290 more words


Closed Minded People Open Filthy Mouth

And that is the problem with people who are not independent thinkers, only foolishness comes out of the mouths.

Prayer for November 26th

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

As Thanksgiving approaches, there are those  gathered with us, who are missing their loved ones and they are dreading tomorrow. 487 more words


I'll Be Honest - Big Guys Hurt Too

Let me tell you something – I hate being overweight. It makes me sick to see myself in the mirror. And don’t worry, I’m not looking for sympathy. 600 more words

Social Justice, Racism, and Ferguson: A Mega-Post On The Not So Invisible Elephant

abeautifuleulogy asked a question:

Given everything that’s happening lately (especially with Ferguson) what are your thoughts on how a Christian can graciously engage in dialogue about racism/(in)justice with someone who isn’t justice-oriented? 1,810 more words