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Estar en limbo es un sentimiento que desgarra el corazón

Hola Readers!

How are you? Are you ok? Estas feliz? I hope you are because i hope you are not stuck in limbo. Being in limbo is a feeling that tears your heart apart. 239 more words


Many Are Your Wonders - Psalm 40

August 17, 2014

Those who seek the Lord in all things will never be at a loss when it comes to having a reason to… 26 more words


Vision Then Commission

More and more of the churches in America are looking like this picture.  The faithful are falling to the wayside.  Pews are empty. Societies crumble while a powerless church watches on.  735 more words


What Time Is It?

Hello Readers!

Hope this post finds each of you doing well. Please pardon my absence. What? You didn’t notice I hadn’t posted?! The shock I am experiencing is overwhelming but I will survive. 676 more words

From the Heart


Since I met you
All I can think about
Is making you happy.

I want to see your smile
And hear your laughter.

I want to kiss away… 57 more words


Not So Crazy Anymore

Today I was discharged from CBT. Looks like I’m doing well, so I decided to put up this thing I wrote a few months ago, before meeting B., my therapist, who’s been amazingly helful.  289 more words

Curling hair? Men, Women... just read this...

Hola Readers!

Today, for the very first time ever i had the smartest idea in my life. Curl my own hair. Men… if you’re ever asked by a woman for help… just read this and think twice of the choice you make. 206 more words