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Why do I get a headache after I run?

The other day I had a mild headache post-run so I did what any reasonable person would do .

I googled it.

Turns out, exercise headaches are a thing! 172 more words



Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to never have met him. I feel the pain in my heart all the time. Often it’s unbearable. 101 more words


Starting Again

reality has kicked in

i am no longer with you ,

out of mind , out of sight

You carrying on with your life

as if I didn’t mean a thing… 26 more words


I Had Another Dream...

I had another dream about him. The dreams are always even more confusing than actual life. Since I don’t know him I feel like the dreams that I have are little tidbits or pieces into who he really is. 519 more words

01/24/15 haiku

I don’t feel at home

inside my very own house

and it kills inside.


A course in survival - or how to crash with style and flair.

Thursday started out as a normal sort of day, up smart-ish, get my bike gear on, fire up the Zeppelin and off to work. The ride to work was a bit damp but great never the less. 1,180 more words

Bikes And Bikers

It Was Real

The one scene in the Hobbit I was not prepared for had the biggest impact on me.