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Racism Hurts Native Americans Too

“Monday Night Football” is the one place racially divided America comes together, if TV ratings are any indication. As long as we’re overcoming our differences, why can’t we come together on abolishing the racist name of the Washington football team? 123 more words


Like a video game. In a weird way.

I went through all the mental toughness of 5k training, mental block after mental block and I think I’ve come through them a better, fitter person.  435 more words


Dealing with Disappointment

They say, when the going gets tough the tough get going. I’m not sure I totally buy that. There are times and certain situations where maybe that could be applied. 253 more words

You Should Know (Vol. 1)

I have about 6 different blog post drafts that I am trying to get out of my head. Problem is I am a bit of a perfectionist; and now tie that in with being a slow processor on the serious stuff. 833 more words

"just know that I'm yours to keep, my beautiful girl" - city & colour


hey there. 

I know, you’re all reading this thinking oh no, she’s all sad again, that explains why she’s starting this which such a sad and lonely picture from a sad song (Candles by Daughter in case you were wondering) –  1,288 more words


The memories I never can escape

I really just want to forget and move on but I can’t.
I hate feeling like you’ve forgotten about me already and moved on completely. I hate that it probably involves cutting you off completely, but even if I do that the memories, the emotions, the times together are still all there. 56 more words