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My Husband Is Trying to Destroy the World

The hubs did actually read a few posts that night  that he said he needed something to put him to sleep, but he has yet to read any more, and it’s been almost 2 weeks of hilarity and geniusiosity (I’m so brilliant I come up with NEW words…deal with it). 106 more words



Now and here in this anonymous time a man walks along the street, going to the pharmacy, because there is a pain in his chest, he is coming up to it, wrapped so that his face is nearly invisible in the bitter cold, thick gloves on his hands, hunched, hunched because of his anonymous age, when something turns in his head, the knitting there goes taut or loose, and he topples, a small bundle going over in the street, making no sound or crying out only once, briefly, like he is sinking, and lies there not moving, and strangers startled like timid animals with soft faces come around and say… 567 more words


Welcome to The Lovely Adventurer

If I had a dollar for every person who responded to my big news with the exclamation, “I have always wanted to do that!” I would have no need for a job or the amazing flight benefits that my future job will provide. 939 more words



Weddings are more than just “getting married” and having a wedding. It’s getting to plan a spectacular day with the one you love. A day which marks the start to a long journey ahead. 52 more words


When it Pains it Roars

It has been raining a lot lately here which of course we need but it was making me nervous about the attic possibly leaking. Of course I have no reason to think that but regardless the over analyzing paranoia took over SO needless to say I convinced my husband it would be an easy, beneficial project to finish it. 662 more words

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ABC 6/FOX 28 Reporter Hospitalized After I-70 Crash

This story really hit home for me. I have had the pleasure of co-hosting with Alissa Henry on our sister station, Power 107.5 for “Any Given Sunday.” Thank goodness she wasn’t severely injured. 107 more words