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Husband Tries to Comfort Wife's Toe

Last night I had a little toe incident and I woke up to it not looking too good. I proceeded to make a bid for comfort from my husband and this is the dialogue that ensued. 207 more words


Man Charged With Fatally Drugging Wife

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A central Ohio man accused of fatally drugging his bedridden wife with her prescription medications has been charged with aggravated murder. 120 more words


A White-Collar Marriage

This morning I woke up, again alone in bed.  I crawled out of bed, grabbed a pair of  capris I wore the other day that were hardly dirty, rummaged through my closet and threw on a shirt.  690 more words


Ladies, Pay Attention

Many of us have experienced having a teenager in the house and what that can mean to getting dressed to go somewhere. They camp out in the bathroom for what seems hours and then there is a thunderstorm of clothing whirling around their room. 614 more words


Sorrow is the seventh wave...

Life without Mr T consists of waves. They begin in a small way. The sorrows I mean. They trickle in and then fall away again with the minutae of life. 541 more words


30 Things Married Men Need to Know

  1. Put on your wedding band.
  2. If you don’t pamper your wife, someone else will try.
  3. If she brings you to her friends, hold her by the waist and show them she’s yours.
  4. 423 more words
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