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My Affair, my cross to bear

Yes I said it. Everyone needs to hear it. I think if you are married and want to stay happily so then this post is for you. 1,417 more words

Consolation Prizes

I had lunch with a new old friend this week. No matter how well prepped I am with cheery little bits, these first-time conversations always wind their way back to how I’m doing since IT happened. 157 more words


Musings of the Day

Dear Friends…

I was going to use this WordPress site to show my design work but after much thought, I will be not doing so. I have decided to use this as my writing page to share with you, my thoughts. 258 more words

Random Thoughts

How to Have a Mediocre Marriage

Wow! I have a blog. Most people with these things post weekly, but I’m on track to being an annual poster. Good thing I care a lot about my security and have the same password for everything so I knew how to get back into this bad boy. 1,218 more words


Single and Confused: How Can I Determine if He is Serious about Being in a Relationship

There are certain situation that can tell you how serious the relationship is. Watch  how  he introduce you to his family and friends and one of my favorites is do you hang with him during the holidays or do you get a plate from his mama house the next day..lol Theses are just my thoughts but this article goes a little deeper. 60 more words


Skinny Husband Syndrome: It's a Real Thing

Skinny Husband Syndrome

When a woman continues to put on weight and her husband stays thin and continues to get better looking
*Usually associated with the husband having Hollow Leg Disorder… 418 more words


Patience #WotW

It’s been a long week. The week-end was a bit boring, as on Friday night, my computer suddenly caught a bug or one that had been there all along was activated. 427 more words