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Why I think My Wife and I Work!

Those of you who have taken the time to read this blog will know a couple of things.  1) I don’t really do a great job of filtering myself.   854 more words

Falling in love with the right guy (finally)

*i never use my personal pictures, but since Ethan was my inspiration for this post I only felt it was necessary*

As a woman, we meet many different men as we date throughout our life. 1,040 more words

i got married

let’s start with the thing that has changed the most in my life in the last five years, oh let’s face it in the last 10 or 15.   178 more words

Great Expectations

Something that has been bothering me for …well, a few years.  But has just recently resurfaced and has me thinking.

When I was a young, young girl, I wrote out a list with qualities of the type of man I would someday want to marry.   371 more words

Very Productive Weekend

This has been one productive weekend if I say so myself. I tried really hard not to be lazy and to get stuff done before I had to go to work both Saturday and Sunday later afternoon until closer to 11pm. 320 more words


Why your spouse has changed SERIES

Your spouse will change.
You can’t change your spouse.

Those statements are a double-edged sword. Put them together and you can cut off any hope for a better marriage.

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Little reminders

Today I’m going to let you guys in on a little bit of my marriage.

Marriage is not always easy. It is not perfect, we do not get along 24/7, we are not always affectionate, we can go days without kissing and sometimes we want to just scream at each other. 93 more words