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Being My Husband's Wife

I want to start this post by quoting the lyrics to a song by P!nk, called Love Song.  This is just more evidence of how big of a role music and lyrics plays in my life. 822 more words



let me start off by saying if anyone’s diary should’t get published- it’s mine.


every page i read, i cringe. every. single. one.

from new boyfriends to new hair- i was a mess back in the day. 163 more words


Talking to hubby about Prac and I say, ‘there will be some days you will have to cook dinner as I won’t be home till after 6pm’. 41 more words


Easter and the Mute Button: What Christ’s death has to do with you zipping your lips

Every now and then.


Every few days, my husband chuckles at me and the deer-in-the-headlights look that washes across my face when it becomes clear that yet another joke has sailed right over the top of my head. 1,852 more words

Contented Threesome :-)

Sorry I have not posted sooner, life has been crazy, but it’s good. My sister-wife, our husband, and I have decided to stick together. For better or for worse we are staying with each other. 167 more words

Forgotten Dates

Hubby gave me a FitBit two nights ago, on Monday, shortly after I suggested we start walking every evening after dinner.

“You might as well have it now instead of Wednesday,” he had said. 662 more words

Letters from Grandpa: P. Doraisamy - So Blessed to Have You

P Doraisamy, aged 70, retired as a teacher ten years ago, and has since been working as a school counsellor. He has a granddaughter, Vathsalaa, aged nine, and a grandson, Barathan, aged five. 612 more words