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Brass tacks

Last night, just before I allowed my body and mind to rest at ease, I took notice of her, and how well she sleeps these days. 248 more words

The Moment

Avicularia Versicolor (Antilles or Montinique Pink Toe)

 One pretty little arboreal…

Despite being very common and established in the hobby, there is perhaps no tarantula available right now, save maybe the T. blondi, that causes owners more stress over the husbandry than the A. 818 more words


"I used the crook!"

My husband said that the other day after separating the ram lambs out.  There’s a trick to it that I can’t recall right now because I’m still enjoying postpartum sleep deprivation, but he figured out how to hook the legs so that the sheep stands still and lets itself be led to a new paddock.   273 more words


Tarantula Sling Enclosures

Now that I’ve got my new sling, what do I house it in?

When I first made the decision to purchase my first tarantula slings, I next needed to choose which enclosures I would use to house my new acquisitions. 993 more words


H. villosella Death - Tarantula Impaction?

Not the way I wanted to begin my Friday evening.

For the past several weeks, I have been keeping an eye on my Heterothele villosella (Tanzanian Chestnut Baboon) sling, as its behavior after a recent molt had become abnormal. 985 more words


Out of Town Blues

One of my colleagues just described the following case:

Petey is an elderly amazon whose owners are out of town for 2 weeks. A petsitter comes by once a day to change his food and water but otherwise he’s alone. 421 more words