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poor husbandry = poor tasting meat

I was walking past this shed this morning (not my farm) and looked over the shed door. To my surprise this is what a saw. 166 more words


Humidity, Temperature, and Tarantulas

We’ve all done it.

After hours of exhaustive research in which we read about a tarantula’s natural habitat and peruse a plethora of care sheets (many of them with conflicting information), we set up what we hope will be the “ideal” habitat for our new pet. 2,427 more words


Sheep roundup

The pregnant ewes are finally all together with their daughter lambs, and all the rams are together, which will make management easier.  The breeding pen was not really set up for hay feeding, but now we have two groups with access to the hay feeders, so that will go easier. 86 more words


AHA! moment

I had this AHA! moment today that was life-changing. All the hairs on my body stood on end as if I had had an electric current flow through me. 1,003 more words



Said just like a little kid…

It’s a baby elephant trying to walk. Awwwww it did it!”

So freakin adorable, it almost is pathetic.


Homesteading Diary, Thursday, January 8

Husband and I: Coming off a very sick holiday season, but doing better and may be up and about this weekend.

Sheep:  Pregnant ewes are pregnant, looking ok, we just have to find a Saturday to move them back in with the ewe lambs, hopefully it can be this one.   100 more words



Day 56

Today was a very slow and easy day.  After finishing the only 2 tasks I had, another volunteer and I sat down and chatted.  505 more words