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A little hay goes a long way

From the moment I brought home Waffles I was told the same thing, he needs to eat hay! So I went out and got him a bag of timothy hay, soaked it for a bit as suggested and put it in the dish for my little guy. 401 more words


Fall down seven times...

This has been a tremendous year. Big ups and downs. Jobs with huge clients and being shat on by others. Patience and anger. Taking all that life throws at me but wiggin out when my iMac freezes. 411 more words

The Moment

The Ringers Blog #2

I’m desperate to find a way to get the refrigerator parked next to my right ear to shut up. Imagine a high G# note incessantly, unceasingly bearing down on your tympanic membrane 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 244 more words

The Moment

Look Ma, no toes!

Pickle is one lucky little rat. She came in a few days after getting her foot stuck in a vent. Based on the injuries, it looked like a steam burn. 210 more words


Lasiodora itabunae

A beautiful alternative to the Lasiodora parahybana!

When I first encountered the Lasiodora itabunae, it was while perusing Ken the Bug Guy’s site. Although I had heard of several Lasiodora species, this one was brand new to me. 780 more words


Handling Tarantulas - Some Things to Consider

To hold or not to hold … THAT is the question.

For many keepers, one of the highlights of the hobby is getting some hands-on interaction with their animals. 2,266 more words


Life on the road

Waffles has been traveling with me since he was three months old. It isn’t the ideal situation for every tort but when I have to go on the road and he needs to be taken care of, we hit the road together. 629 more words