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Handling Tarantulas - Some Things to Consider

To hold or not to hold … THAT is the question.

For many keepers, one of the highlights of the hobby is getting some hands-on interaction with their animals. 2,266 more words


Life on the road

Waffles has been traveling with me since he was three months old. It isn’t the ideal situation for every tort but when I have to go on the road and he needs to be taken care of, we hit the road together. 629 more words


The Rhinolith or "Nose Stone"

What is it?

A rhinolith is an accumulation of debris in the nose that hardens.

Here is an amazon who came in with a “nose problem”. 416 more words


The Perfect Bonbon-Dog

A dog husband in Staffordshire claims to finally have perfected the dog. For millennia humans have bred dogs, selectively breeding to increase favourable qualities such as loyalty and to breed out unfavourable ones such as aggression or condescension. 197 more words


Breeding by halves

We’re breeding Shaft to the four adult ewes.  This is him trying to persuade Goldie that now is the time for all good ewes to get bred and bear a pair of wonderfully fleecy twins next spring. 48 more words


Food! Glorious Food!

Winter is officially here, at least in Barrie Ontario. Friday morning I woke up to a hefty helping of snow that unfortunately hasn’t gone away. Usually it takes a few snow falls before it actually sticks but not this time. 793 more words


The new Man

“Man up”. “Stop crying, man up”. “Be a man, it’s not cold out”. “Be a man, drink another!”.

What does that even mean? I remember one time at a wedding reception during which I caught the garter. 376 more words

The Moment