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Euathlus sp. red

I will admit, when I first read about the Euathlus sp. red (Chilean Flame), I was immediately turned off by the word “dwarf”. Having kept a G. 756 more words


Aphonopelma schmidti Molt

Back in October of last year, I was perusing the Jamie’s Tarantulas website when I noticed a species listed that I hadn’t seen before. The Aphonopelma schmidti (Superstition Mountain Tarantula, among other more colorful common names) being offered was a 1.75-2″ female. 583 more words


P. cancerides Fresh After Molt

After just writing that I was excited to see how my two P. cancerides juveniles would look after their latest molts, I discovered that one had actually molted yesterday. 113 more words


Phormictopus cancerides

Late last year, while looking for interesting new species of Ts to possibly add to my collection, I encountered P. cancerides (Hispaniola Giant or Haitian Brown) slings on several sites. 616 more words


Sunday Brunch

He is a bearded dragon, yet he eyes his food up like an eagle and wolfs it down with haste.  His jaws snap shut upon crisp lettuce, munching so fast that the camera’s shutter cannot do him justice.   82 more words


A Thank You to Book Reviewers

I just found two really great reviews of my book on the American Amazon. They are quite old but I had somehow never seen them. A belated thank you to both reviewers, your comments are appreciated. 247 more words

Caring for your hamster

Female: Sow
Male: Boar
Young: Pups
Life span: 1-3 years
Litter size: 4-12 pups
Gestation period: 15-18 days
Average weight: 85-150 grams


There are over 20 different breeds of hamsters, each with their own individual markings and colours. 599 more words