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Hüsker Dü—The Living End (1994)


Recorded at various venues (though mostly at Le Spectrum in Montreal, Canada) in October 1987. Produced by Hüsker Dü and Lou Giordano. Liner notes written by rock critic David Fricke.  562 more words


A Master Builder and Frank

I live on the edge of Lake Wobegone.  On the morning that I went to see A Master Builder, translated and adapted from the original Ibsen play by Wallace Shawn, it was not exceptional that I should have sat in a café eating eggs and bacon and grits and rye toast across from a pretty black woman in braids and watched a tall, white couple with gray hair and bunchy sweaters push out the doors after their breakfast, she saying to him, “Well, that sounds like an old Norwegian…”  I was, in fact, sitting at my table–eating hash browns, too, because I couldn’t choose between hash browns and grits–and reading the first volume of  1,270 more words


Bob Mould

The third video off of Mould’s (Husker Du, Sugar) tenth solo album, BEAUTY AND RUIN (released June 3) is for “The War.”

Artist Contact:  Facebook – Website



What is this, Old Home Week?  Two of my favorite bands of the college rock era are gracing the Boston area with their presence.

First is O Positive, a band beloved by a certain generation of Boston rock fans.  160 more words

Tuesday Tunes

Let's Watch Joan Rivers Interview Hüsker Dü About Selling Out

On April 27, 1987, Joan Rivers welcomed “one of the most prolific rock groups in the country,” Hüsker Dü, to her titular talk show. It’s immediately clear that Joan has no idea who they are, and it’s equally apparent that the band, which had just released… 114 more words


indecision time

i was playing this for wookie yesterday and i almost used it to wade into the gun debate but i’m not gonna do it except to say the NRA is a totally cynical organisation, the 2nd amendment focuses explicitly on a “well-regulated militia”, and if you have a gun you should really try to stick to shooting beer cans and maybe the occasional armed intruder. 854 more words