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Every Dog Has His Day - ZA Huskers

After the failures against Minnesota, Bo was squarely on the hot seat.  Enter something Bo is actually quite good at.  Fighting back from the ropes.  As I told you earlier, after the UCLA game last year I swore off Nebraska football until after the season or until we had a new coach.   562 more words

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Yes, A Second Time


Back when the Beatles were touring the US, they came to St Louis, Missouri. Dad thought, “surely, they’ll come closer – at least to Kansas City,” but they didn’t. 2,091 more words

Minnie Soda

I took a week off after finishing the blowouts of the 2012 season last week.  That was partially by design and partially because I didn’t know how I wanted to cover the 2013 season.  758 more words

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N is for Nebraska

Anyone who has lived in Nebraska, or knows someone from Nebraska, knows just how insane people here are about the Cornhuskers, or Huskers for short. The main attraction is football (of course), but they also have an up-and-coming men’s basketball team, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, and women’s bowling. 39 more words


On Wisconsin

Wisconsin, and more specifically Bert Bielema, have been a thorn in the side of Bo Pelini.  Yes, I know his name is Bret but Bert fits better.  1,849 more words

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I (strongly dislike) Urban Meyer

The 2012 season got off to a rocky start.  What was supposed to be a quality win over an average team with a great name, UCLA, turned into a loss.  811 more words

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The Big House

The second blow out of the 2011 season was in the largest college football stadium in the country, Michigan Stadium.  In recent years opposing fan bases have dubbed “the Big House” as the quietest gathering of 100,000 people.  806 more words

Nebraska Football