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The days following Nebraska’s blowout loss at Wisconsin have been anything but dull.  One of the prevalent themes I’ve noticed are fans and media reacting (or in some cases, overreacting) to things said by coaches and players.  1,769 more words


Nebraska's Next Head Football Coach is...

by Andrew “Jamey” Schilling

This past weekend I had the chance to visit Camp Randall Stadium.  It was a record-setting day…not only was it the coldest game-time temperature (26 degrrrrees!)  at the stadium in 50 years….it also was the stage for a record-setting performance on field by the Badgers’ amazing running back, Melvin Gordon. 1,475 more words


Vacated Victory #31 | Sept. 14, 2002, 40-7 over Nebraska

The 1982 National Champion Nittany Lions were on hand to watch Penn State upset No. 7 Nebraska 40-7 in a nationally televised Saturday night game on ABC. 79 more words

Vacated Victories

The Nebrasketball Pump Up

I worked for the Nebraska Athletic Department for two of my three years attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Those two years were some of the most sleep deprived, but they were also some of the best. 600 more words

Double Twist

Husker Hot Takes - 11/15/14

The weather is cold, but the takes are hot:

A teenage boy makes grown men lose their minds.
There has been much hand-wringing over a certain high-profile running back recruit potentially decommitting from Nebraska.   1,191 more words


How Ameer Abdullah Can Win the Heisman

So, you may have read/heard that I’m on record saying Ameer Abdullah will not win the Heisman Trophy.

I believe and will stand by what I wrote, but if I’ve learned anything being a college football fan it is this:  you never say never until the game is over.   992 more words


Ameer Abdullah Will Not Win the Heisman

Author’s note:  I had most of this completed prior to Ameer Abdullah getting injured early in the Purdue game.  Since he likely will return to action against Wisconsin – and I’m optimistic that he’ll be close to his old self – I’m going to publish it. 974 more words