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10 Ways Bo Pelini was Dead Wrong

While I think there were some moments of truth and honesty in Bo Pelini’s comments to his former players after being fired from Nebraska, it is sadly obvious that there are many more pieces of spin, delusion, and possible fabrications. 2,316 more words


Twenty Ways Bo Was Right

Fans and media members are reacting to the leaked audio of Bo Pelini’s farewell address to his team from a few days after he was fired.   2,151 more words


Husker Hot Takes - 12/11/2014

Fill your Christmas stockings with a fresh batch of Husker Hot Takes:

What in the holy Incarnate Word is going on with Nebrasketball?

That was a meltdown of epic proportions.   975 more words


What About The Staff?

Think back, how many times has someone said “I just want to see who his staff is..” as if they are Kid Football Business. How many people have made that statement but can name maybe 5 assistant coaches excluding Nebraska’s soon to be former staff? 860 more words


Now What?

By the time you read this, Mike Riley will have been formally introduced as the new coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Much has already been written and said about Riley – a guy who was completely off the radar in the Huskers’ coaching search.   1,913 more words


A Few Quick Thoughts on The Hiring of Mike Riley

Let me start out by saying I am not trying to be a nay-sayer, nor am I trying to say that Mike Riley will not be a good coach. 1,231 more words


Well that was unexpected...

I was sitting on my lunch break today, finally typing up my thoughts and hopes about the ongoing coaching search at Nebraska. It was probably the single most brilliant, insightful piece of writing I have ever composed. 125 more words