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Martyrs of Gaza vs Karbala

In the book Did Muhammad Exist by Robert Spencer there is a graffito found in Karbala dating 64 AH or ~683 AD invoking the name of Allah Gabriel Michael and Israfil the Angels but conspicuously the name Muhammad is missing and any other trace of Islam despite the fact that the battle of Karbala happened in 61 AH or ~680 AD where the Muslims (in particular Shias) write that Hussain grandson of Muhammad was martyred along with his 72 companions (although some say the martyrs list is close to ~130). 191 more words


हुसेन की कहानी, मक़बूल की ज़बानी

हुसेन के बारे में बहुतों ने बहुत कुछ लिखा होगा लेकिन हुसेन के बारे में जो मकबूल ने लिखा है उसका कोई सानी नहीं है. मकबूल …कौन…अरे वही मकबूल फिदा हुसैन का मकबूल.


Tro på Dig Selv (Livsbanens næste Oregon-håb)

Sohail Hassan og de unge i FerieCamp har gjort det igen!!! Vi er gået videre til finalen i Oregon Filmfestival d. 12-14. septembter, så den flotte film Tro på Dig Selv skal vises i Cinemateket i København. 9 more words


Clarification of who are the Ahlul Bayt of the Holy Prophet (s) in light of Quran and Hadith

What is the meaning of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s)?

Who are those having such a sacred and great position to accompany the Holy Quran forever and being like an ark for the people’s safety? 1,212 more words

Holy Prophet

26th July, 2014 - When earth stopped to take a closer look

There are some moments which are hard to describe in words. One such moment is when you meet a person you admire and look up to. 352 more words

Hussain Kuwajerwala