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AngularJs UI-Grid inside a directive

I am testing out this Angular Grid component : http://ui-grid.info/ and it works out fine as they show in the examples. But i plan on using it inside an Element directive and it shows empty grid when i call the directive from any other page shown through… 181 more words

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Who is Hussain?

‘Who Is Hussain?’ is an international organisation working at its best to generate awareness amongst the masses about the ultimate sacrifice made by Imam Hussain and what it means for sustaining humanity. 255 more words

How to group the values in foreach by if condition?

My script like this

use warnings;
use strict;
my @ar = <DATA>;
for(my $i = 0; $i<=$#ar; $i++){
    $ar[$i] =~m/(\d+)$/g;
    print "$ar[$i]\n" if ($& <= 15);
    print "$ar[$i]\n" if ($& >100);
    print "$ar[$i]\n" if ($& <40 && $& > 15); 
hinsa 121
mkzin 12
mkva 34
mvakine 2
mzkev  9
mkvvz 5
mkhvzz 35
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Fontawsome 3.2.1 to 4.x

I’ upgrading fontawsome from 3.2 to 4.1. What would be the least painful way to do it since there is significant difference in syntax of both versions ( 73 more words

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How to call setState from UserIdentity component in a Model in Yii

When a user logs in to my Yii application, I set below properties in authenticate function of UserIdentity class:

$this->setState('nickname', $this->nickname);
$this->setState('thumb', $this->thumb);

I display… 81 more words

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Imam Hussain (as): Language, Perception and Reality

As another Muḥarram [1] arrives, the hearts and minds of the Shia turn to remembering the tragedy of Karbala [2]. Slogans and sayings about Imām al-Ḥussain (as) [3] begin to flood mosques, universities, and all other areas where Shia are present. 1,756 more words