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Man jailed for 13 years after raping pensioner

A man who raped a pensioner in her own Solihull home has been locked up for 13 years after being caught by his own DNA. 431 more words


How Is the "Islamic State" Not Islamic?

An article appeared on Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept recently saying that the Islamic State isn’t really Islamic. It’s a pretty well-written piece by Murtaza Hussain. 840 more words

My Thoughts

Who is there to assist, the one seeking assistance and Who is there to help, the one seeking help?

Everyday there is a tragedy, or yet another misery.
What does evil plan, a treachery? The fate of the world seems a mystery.
From insects to the wild beast try, and to survive today humans do cry. 787 more words


Tro på Dig Selv

Sohail Hassan og de unge i FerieCamp har gjort det igen!!! Vi kom videre til finalen i Oregon Filmfestival d. 12-14. septembter, så den flotte film Tro på Dig Selv som blev vist i Cinemateket i København. 81 more words


Martyrs of Gaza vs Karbala

In the book Did Muhammad Exist by Robert Spencer there is a graffito found in Karbala dating 64 AH or ~683 AD invoking the name of Allah Gabriel Michael and Israfil the Angels but conspicuously the name Muhammad is missing and any other trace of Islam despite the fact that the battle of Karbala happened in 61 AH or ~680 AD where the Muslims (in particular Shias) write that Hussain grandson of Muhammad was martyred along with his 72 companions (although some say the martyrs list is close to ~130). 191 more words