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a "golden shovel"

A ‘golden shovel’ is apparently a poem where the last word of every line is a word from another poem, so when you read the last word of every line of the golden shovel, you’re reading the other poem. 311 more words


Grapes of spring

Like tiny bunches of grapes, growing out of the ground on a stalk, grape hyacinths are one of my favorite spring flowers. I moved in really close with my macro lens in the first shot to emphasize the beautiful details and the rich dominant bluish-purple color of the plant and moved back a bit for the other two shots to highlight the varied shapes and colors of the individual “grapes.” 6 more words


Spring Has Sprung! GBBD, April 2014

After months of below average temperatures and a winter that sometimes seemed like it would never end, spring has sprung in my Gettysburg, Pennsylvania garden. Temperatures shot up into the 70s at the end of last week and stayed there for four days, and suddenly flowers and trees popped into bloom. 230 more words


Gardens are blooming!

Well, this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous but sadly I was kept close to home. However, things are blooming and the days just keep getting warmer. 115 more words


Spring Finally Sprung

Last Fall I planted 130 bulbs. I planted crocus, hyacinth, daffodils, two types of tulips and god know what else. I undertook this project on a gloomy day that ended with me frantically planting the last bulbs while the rain came pouring down. 254 more words


Springtime Sketching

After one tough northeast winter, spring has finally peaked through the clouds. The earth is warming up and everywhere life is showing signs of, well, life. 116 more words

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