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Hydrofracking and Water Pollution

Katie Bremer

October 20th, 2014

At one time or another, all you readers out there must have heard about hydrofracking, which is also known as hydraulic fracturing, or simply fracking. 786 more words

Aaron Stover summarizers Will Happer--lecturing at George Marshall--a giant of a man

Aaron did damn good job of taking notes–my goodness. When I was in medical school certain individuals were designated to produce the notes becuase they were good–Aaron would get that job. 1,023 more words

Climate Change

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Will Happer is an amassing man, I spend a few days with him this past summer having him review my work. Just having a scientist of his stature do that was a major honor. More people and politicians should be listening to him and a few other like him that are doing the science right.

Here's who should be happiest about falling oil prices

Russia, Iran and Venezuela have reason to be nervous about the abrupt 25% plunge in global oil prices. But what of those whose spirits should be up? 498 more words

Banks tell petrostates to keep calm and bet on oil bouncing back to $100

Large swaths of the world—Russia, the Middle East, Venezuela—and a number of big companies are in turmoil over an abrupt 25% plunge in oil prices. Leaders of these countries fret about how to… 343 more words

Alex Restrepo, First Responder - "... Views From the Public in the Marcellus Shale"

The article, “Hydraulic fracturing and the Management, Disposal, and Reuse of Frac Flowback Waters: Views From the Public in the Marcellus Shale,” surveyed 400 total respondents living in the Marcellus Shale area (half in areas with a high well density and half in areas with a lower well density) about their knowledge on some of the processes of hydraulic fracturing as well as how they obtained their knowledge and how must they trusted that source of information. 448 more words

Group 4

Fracking under your doorstep.

Fracking, that highly controversial means of gaining fuel for energy. The big news regarding fracking coming out today is that the UK Government is trying to force through, as part of the Infrastructure Bill, laws that would… 648 more words

Government changes trespass laws to make fracking easier

The National Trust opposes fracking on our land, but new laws may mean we are powerless to stop companies wanting to frack under our special places. 662 more words