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Smoking Gun Of Incompetence At The IPCC

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The question should be have they gotten anything right ... lol

A Classic Example Of Climate Fraud By The Union Of Concerned Scientists

The United States is already experiencing more intense rain and snow storms.

As the Earth warms, the amount of rain or snow falling in the heaviest one percent of storms has risen nearly 20 percent on average in the United States—almost three times the rate of increase in total precipitation between 1958 and 2007.

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FRAUD is all they have their theories have all been debunked!

Gavin's Hockey Stick of Data Tampering

The hockey stick was created largely by altering historical data.

The graph below shows how Gavin has altered his own global surface temperatures by 0.4 C, just since 2003. 54 more words

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Faking the numbers is the only thing they can do to try and save their failed climate models. History will not treat this scam artists very well.

It's been a while since I posted - plus some climate change stuff!

And the reason I haven’t bothered to post is simple! Every time I get the urge to make a comment about conservatives they do it for me!   363 more words

Hydraulic Fracturing

by Bonnie Chen, Grade 12

Hydraulic Fracturing is a method of extracting natural gases and oil by using water. Machines use millions of gallons of water and chemicals that are injected into the ground and create cracks that allow gases and oil up the well. 396 more words

Global Issues

Fracking Bans Could Affect Retirees Relying On Mineral Rights

DENVER (CBS4) – Some Colorado lawmakers say cities that ban fracking should have to pay the owners of the mineral rights who are impacted, and the cost could run in the millions of dollars. 369 more words