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Walter Starck: The Climate Scam’s Meltdown

HT to the Hockeyschtick for spotting this essay from Marine Biologist Walter Starck at Quadrant Online. More scientists are coming out to call the alarmist position for what it is. 1,694 more words


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A must read and I agree the grid is likely to fail. Most if not all the reserve capacity has been shut down and solar and wind are incapable of reliable grid level power. the current EPA initiatives guarantees grid failure if not this year then very very soon.

Climate Research needs Re-direction

Guest essay by Viv Forbes

Governments are running huge deficits, but still spend billions on “climate research” especially trying to model the effect of the atmosphere and its trace of carbon dioxide on surface temperature. 580 more words


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Spot on I agree 100% with the writer. But I would make one addition and that is we must stop the assault on carbon based fuels to eliminate CO2. However, this does not mean that the real pollutants and fly ash should be ignored and that is where we should be working at the global level. Forget CO2 its a requirement for all life and levels three times where we are now would be beneficial to crop growth.

Readers Determine That Cooling Systems In Automobiles Are Not Needed

Some readers have determined that insulators can not increase the temperature of an object. So I guess they can wrap their automobile engine in thick fiberglass insulation, and expect that nothing bad will happen.

Fascinating science.

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WOW I'm going out to Home Depot and get a truck load of insulation and wrap my house in it. I'll be able to turn off my furnace and save a ton of money!

Will Green Politics soon be a thing of the Past?

The electoral troubles of the green bullies

Eric Worrall writes:

Anyone following the recent G20 will be aware that skeptical politicians, such as Australia’s Tony Abbott and Canada’s Steve Harper, have been subject to intense public pressure from prominent greens like President Obama, to change their public position on climate change. 220 more words

Climate News

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Its hard to believe that there is significant global warming going on when you are buried in 6 to 8 feet of snow and the wind chill is zero zero. Even a High School grad can see that something doesn't make sense! All this crazy theory does is make the citizens distrust the government and the scientists whom they use to trust but not any more --- they have now been added to the group of people to watch closely! If the scientists don't wake up and speak out there are going to get all their funding cut off and they will be out of jobs!

Surprise: sea water salinity matters to sea level on long time scales

LIVERMORE, California — Using ocean observations and a large suite of climate models, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists have found that long-term salinity changes have a stronger influence on regional sea level changes than previously thought. 691 more words

Sea Level

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A Slightly More Formal Proof (For Dummies)

Here are the rules :

  1. Heat flows from warmer objects to cooler objects
  2. Heat can not flow from a cooler object to a warmer object…
  3. 89 more words

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Now if only Hansen and the IPCC understood this.

Another Massive Fail By James Hansen

In 1986, Hansen predicted a large increase in hot days in Washington DC

Last month, a Government scientist predicted that the number of days here on which the maximum tempertaure exceeds 100 degrees might just climb from one day a year, on average, to 12 days a year by the year 2050…

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Actually there is not much that Hansen predicted that has come true or even close to being true.