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Pain just got harder.

There is a new law going into effect October 6th, 2014 regarding hydrocodone making it a schedule II drug up from a schedule III. ┬áNow a triplicate handwritten prescription from the prescriber, usually a physician, will be required … and there won’t be refills unless you see the doctor again in person. 463 more words


The Fears of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

What if I cannot get another prescription for my hydrocodone measly 5 mg. for my pain? What if my doctor won’t change my prescription for a larger dose that might actually kick my pain? 231 more words


Posted: 9/28/14
A veteran Broward sheriff’s deputy was arrested after investigators found in his marked patrol vehicle prescription drugs that had belonged to a dead man, according to the sheriff’s office. 494 more words


Pharmacies Warn Patients of New Schedule II Hydrocodone Rules

Our Outreach Coordinator, Genevieve Przybylo, came across this gem yesterday at her local neighborhood Walgreens. As you could imagine, we were all happy to finally see the information publicly emphasized regarding hydrocodone’s restriction. 409 more words

Tuesday 23rd - Day 6

I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach. I felt as if I was going to loose it all, and the thought of that while in the condition I’m in…not happening! 514 more words

Breast Cancer

DEA Increases Restrictions on Hydrocodone

The Drug Enforcement Agency recently issued a new regulation meant to reduce drug abuse by placing hydrocodone, the most prescribed painkiller in the United States (and the drug found in Vicodin), in a more restrictive category. 79 more words


The FDA Approves a Potentially Fatal Drug

The drug is called Zohydro and it said to be one of the most powerful prescription drugs of its kind. It is possible that it will help increase addiction, overdoses and death because it is an opiate painkiller. 230 more words