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When a camera meets a Hyena :-)

We had made up this little project to try and capture some small night creatures with my camera trap. We selected the location carefully and installed the camera high enough not to attract Hyenas. 54 more words

South Africa

On the Trail of the Elusive Leopard - part 2

While were watching him snooze, a large and very pregnant female hyena appeared nearby. She had a younger hyena in tow as well. She was probably thinking that the leopard might have a kill nearby that she could steal. 36 more words



“I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog’s backside.” That is Scar’s opening line in the Lion King’s ‘Be Prepared’ song and I have always found it amusing that in spite of how daft he thought the hyenas were, he was confident in his ability as a leader to utilise their somewhat lacking skills, build them up and take over the Pride. 639 more words

Beho Beho Bushblog - Godlisten - 16th October

I would like to share with you what happened this week here at Beho Beho.

I have had some great sightings this week but probably the best was at Lake Tagalala, it was a highlight for my guests and me because we saw a lot of action on the way, starting with Lion and Hyena fighting for a dead Giraffe. 177 more words


Aging - Reality Check

I want to remain this:When in reality I often feel like this:

My Life

Hyena's: Stop Calling Them Ugly

There is a very special place in my heart for Hyena’s. Especially Spotted Hyena’s. I’d absolutely love to work with them one day, and that is truthfully one of my goals. 425 more words