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It STINKS In Here!

The above is a real photo from National Geographic.  It’s an immature hyena hiding from lions inside a dead elephant.  If you’d rather see a hyena having a grand old time actually splashing, yes… 44 more words

Living In Step With Nature

Kruger National Park Day 9 Orpen to Olifants

7 July 2014 Orpen to Olifants Our day started very early with a loud clattering and crashing coming from the stoep. Earl and I both got up to investigate at the same time – I knew it had to be a honey badger and I grabbed the walkie talkie to alert Heather. 972 more words


Children's Poem - Giggling Hyena

Giggling hyena, with so much laughter

What do you find? What do you find so funny?

When you see a lion tumble,

You can’t help but laugh at the serious lion. 71 more words

Creations For Children

Here comes some art! Day 6: Hyenas Rock

One of my more recent pieces, here is the last of this batch! On the left, we have Billie the female spotted hyena from before. On the right, we have Tina, another ‘yena. 64 more words


Here comes some art! Day 4: Nurse Billie

Here we have Billie the female spotted hyena nurse! She’s one of my favorite characters because I feel she is adorable. She’s also one of my newer characters, so her back story isn’t fully fleshed out just yet. 11 more words


Brown Hyena

Only an estimated 5,000-8,000 brown hyenas are left in Namibia and the southern African sub-region.  Scavengers who feed on carcasses, they are often blamed for killing livestock.  17 more words


Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Even though the jeeps seat eight, we are still in groups of 4 and Reed mixes it up, so today we are with Doc and Carol who are from California.   1,771 more words