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The Minsky Moment

This post talks about someone who has influenced modern investing and banking to a great deal – Hyman Minsky.

Hyman Minsky was a Jew born in 1919 at Chicago to immigrants from Belarus. 549 more words

China's Playing With Fire, Part II

Via Bloomberg.

(China’s Playing With Fire, Part I is here)

The specter of default in China’s trust loans market is deepening the distress of property developers that also borrowed in dollars. 338 more words

Can the financial instability hypothesis be reconciled with the mainstream? A look at Schumpeter and Kirzner

The BBC recently featured a talk about Post-Keynesian economist Hyman Minsky, a somewhat obscure economist who is today remembered for his financial instability hypothesis. In short, “stability is destabilizing”. 595 more words


Stability is destablising

Why did the 2008 economic crash happen?

Is our culture of home-ownership a problem?

Is the governments ‘help to buy’ scheme where risky debt management begins again… 10 more words


Did Hyman Minsky anticipate creative capitalism?

Bill Gates has called for a more creative form of Capitalism. The work of Hyman Minsky is being reappraised as relevant after the 2008 financial crisis… 351 more words

The Minsky Moment

Source. (Itself a good summary of some of Minsky’s Ideas).


Stability is destabilising - Hyman Minsky

A pretty clear explanation of Hyman Minsky’s key ideas:

Most macroeconomists work with equilibrium models which assume the economy is fundamentally stable and that booms or crises are precipitated by external shocks “whether that be a rise in oil prices, a war or the invention of the internet”. 80 more words

Economic Theory