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Childhood Love AMV

What’s with Oreki being so often appear in most romantic AMV? But, still a great idea to put Oreki and Yui Hirasawa to have a seemingly connection in this Childhood Love AMV. 11 more words


Hyouka and Everyday Mysteries

Mystery is by far one of the most interesting genres of fiction for me– I actually once considered getting an AB in Literature at this university that offered courses on mystery and detective fiction! 832 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Cute head-tilts vs Shaft's Head-tilts

Honestly, k-on version is cute. I really don’t get what is so great about SHAFT’s head tilts…

It was like… how Boa Hancock from One Piece “looking down” on the Marines. 38 more words


Hyouka (Overall + Ending)

(Non-Spoiler) I actually posted this on time! Yay! Just a word of warning, though, I don’t know how consistent my posts will be next week. Anyway, I have mixed feelings about Hyouka. 590 more words

Overall + Ending Reviews

How can anime girls be so gracefully and stay cute while sneezing?

Or rather, almost any female peers in real life I have seen just very good in dealing with it.

I think these are the normal-looking sneeze: 47 more words


Hyouka (First Impression)

I’m really in the mood for a mystery, so I picked this one at random. My list of anime to watch is getting progressively shorter, so I just chose a random anime in the mystery genre. 195 more words

1st Impressions