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Narrative Self-Projection and Hypocrisy: Why Suzaku is a Better Character Than Lelouch

If you pointed a gun at my head and asked me what my favourite anime of all time was, I’d probably tell you that it’s  1,710 more words

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The Approximation of the Distance of Two: Chapter 2: A Friend Must Be Congratulated; Past: 27 Days Ago

As always, read the rest at HSK’s blog.

Volume 5: The Approximation of the Distance of Two

Chapter 2: A Friend Must Be Congratulated… 195 more words


How Would You Write A Mushishi Episode?

I promised a Mushishi post, so here we are!

I really tried to keep this article simple and straightforward. Rather than writing a bunch of analysis for the sake of analysis, this is a post through the point of view of an  1,892 more words

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I Enjoy Reading Negative/Bashing Reviews

This might come as a surprise, but I really enjoy reading negative reviews, sometimes a lot more so than positive reviews. I generally put up with people pissing all over my favourite shows.  932 more words


Wallpaper of The Week: Chitanda Eru x Oreki Houtarou

Chitanda Eru and Oreki Houtarou will be my choice for this week’s wallpaper. Their relationship in Hyouka is really cute and it’s cute that Oreki feels being entangled by Chitanda Eru whenever they talk with each other. 17 more words


Insert town here.

How many of you look outside the windows of your home or workplace, or walk along the streets, and compare what you see to the landscapes of your favourite anime shows? 693 more words