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Cute head-tilts vs Shaft's Head-tilts

Honestly, k-on version is cute. I really don’t get what is so great about SHAFT’s head tilts…

It was like… how Boa Hancock from One Piece “looking down” on the Marines. 38 more words


Hyouka (Overall + Ending)

(Non-Spoiler) I actually posted this on time! Yay! Just a word of warning, though, I don’t know how consistent my posts will be next week. Anyway, I have mixed feelings about Hyouka. 590 more words

Overall + Ending Reviews

How can anime girls be so gracefully and stay cute while sneezing?

Or rather, almost any female peers in real life I have seen just very good in dealing with it.

I think these are the normal-looking sneeze: 47 more words


Hyouka (First Impression)

I’m really in the mood for a mystery, so I picked this one at random. My list of anime to watch is getting progressively shorter, so I just chose a random anime in the mystery genre. 195 more words

1st Impressions

Laziness Part Two

I don’t know what to say. Laziness is a hell of a drug. Y’know, nothin better than laying around all day not doing anything but jerkin’ it to sci fi films and eating day old pizza to really get the blood flowing.  211 more words


My Top 10 Anime

Whenever someone asks what my favorite anime is, I have a hard time answering. I have yet to watch something that works for me in every conceivable way, but there are a few that have come pretty close. 945 more words