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Hype Backlash: Cosplay Edition

Why waste your breath ranting about influxes of (insert major fandom here) cosplay at a convention or some other cosplay event? It’s not like those people are actually hurting you. 84 more words

Can’t Contain(erize) the Hype – is Docker real or a bubble?

The new application portability darling, Docker, was so popular at this week’s Red Hat Summit that I was expecting Miley Cyrus’ flock of paparazzi to abandon in her favor of… 335 more words


#33: Movie

Namn: Movie
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Från södra London kommer 22-åringarna som bildar Movie. Den 9 juni släpps debutsingeln på Skelly Records, en nödvändig injektion i det som slarvigt kallas för “gitarrmusik”. 306 more words


Easter Service?

As a kid, I remember Easter being one of the two Sundays a year that my dad went to church.  In fact, looking around the sanctuary, I probably was not the only kid who appreciated this occurrence involving their own fathers.   2,290 more words


Interviewer: ‘Is the myth so much better than the reality could ever be?

Tony James: ‘The myth’s always better than the reality’

(Still) the greatest (post-modern) critque on pop music. 6 more words

The pedestal

Mark C. Taylor writes “Sculpture’s fall from its pedestal is the artistic equivalent of the death of the transcendent God”(231). I think he is talking about both art and God in such an interchangeable way because of the significance that people tend to give to them both. 568 more words


Our interview with the Commando got picked up by Scoopla

Last week we did the most incredibly awkward interview with the Commando from the Biggest Loser.

We wanted to ask about his relationship with Michelle Bridges, but had to be clever in the way we went about it to maintain an element of surprise, so we sprung the question in a little game of ‘boot, shag or marry.’ … 34 more words