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A very new pokédex is here!!

This very new redesign of the Hoenn pokédex, has the very exact desgin of a gameboy, as shown here:

As we all know it´s a throwback to the original Ruby and Sapphire from the gameboy (The design of the new pokédex); Obviusly it will work the same showing the pokémon you´ve caught and their description. 24 more words


IOPE Air Cushion XP Review (N23 - Ice Beige)

Hello! Today’s post will be a review on the trending “air cushion foundations” – IOPE’s Air Cushion XP in shade N23 Ice Beige.

I think IOPE was the first brand to come out with the air cushion foundation and is received most favourably, with one sold every 30 seconds in Korea! 752 more words


Defining Hype: A Look at Evo 2014 USFIV Finals

Since Evo 2014 still lingers in the minds of fighting game fans, I want to spend some time today discussing a topic that came up this year during the top 8 for Ultra Street Fighter IV: what makes any given fighting game match “hype”? 752 more words


Jungle remixas av Lxury

Jungle har varit en av årets absolut mest hypade akter (inte minst av oss), under förra veckan släpptes det ack så efterlängtade och tillfredsställande debutalbumet. Nu har singeln Time fått en remix av självaste… 37 more words



Will be releasing these across Manchester and any other places I happen to visit this summer.

 Watch out internet, and keep your eyes peeled as I might hide one of these in an area near you. 71 more words


LYSSNA: Cloak - III/You Say The Saddest Things

I maj skrev vi om det svenska löftet Cloak som då precis hade lagt upp sitt första verk på Soundcloud, det var en melankolisk elektronisk låt med nästintill spökligt kalla synthmattor och tung bas. 201 more words


The Kardashians and their dairy products

Hype; promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively”

I read an article last week about Kim Kardashian’s latest venture- ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ a mobile application game with the idea of making you famous. 405 more words