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A Caution About Neuro Imaging Research

As I highlighted in my blog about fMRI lie detection, there is much hype surrounding the use of neuro imaging techniques. In an article on… 590 more words


Let them eat cake... lots of it

You diet religiously for weeks and become the treadmill’s new best friend, only to have it all ruined by one moment of weakness. The seduction of that beautiful red velvet cake is impossible to resist. 1,186 more words

This Is Shit, So Why Do I Love It So Much?!: Guilty Pleasures In Video Games

Retrospection is 20/20 vision, it is very easy to see flaws and problems in moments when you seemed to have thought of everything. However, it still doesn’t explain why I loved something I did when I was younger. 1,026 more words


Everyone Becomes Overrated

The way the industry works is not fair to anyone in it.
They can’t win.
If you stick then you never make it.
And you become another sorry bastard who tells those around him that he could have made it. 167 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

Telltale's "Game of Thrones" Is Coming Soon!

Let me start off by saying, this game is going to probably be one of the best narrative based games we have seen to date for a couple of reasons. 456 more words



When things get trappy, I go crazy. I’m going to see these guys on Dec 12th @ Terminal 5th NYC. When this song plays things will get real in the UNDERGROUND!!!!