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You have a bad connection...

Sometimes I feel like one of those people who are trying to talk on their cell phones with only half a bar of service. They shout and ask questions and repeatedly say “hello?” in order to determine if they have lost their connection or not. 224 more words

Mood Management


*Trigger Warning -swearing*

I am lost in a vast red mist.

Seething with rage because worked sucked, body memories continue and PTSD symptoms are pissing me off. 315 more words

My Journey

Get lost? I can't.

When I was a child I used to spend hours and hours drawing pictures of elves. I was mesmerized by them, completely enthralled and I wanted to create elves of my own. 315 more words

Mood Management

Being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Over the past few weeks of speaking against men’s violence on twitter, I have connected with some new people online. A couple of these are women who, like myself, have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of their own experiences with men’s violence. 898 more words

Stuck in the Gondola

On the surface, victims of abusers are excellent at pretending.
We can pretend we are happy when we aren’t, we can say whatever we think needs to be said to escape a slap, a hit, an emotional or verbal bang, whatever it is…..we get masterful at knowing what is going to “flip” the abuser. 252 more words

Domestic Violence

Postpartum/postnatal Anxiety

I recently came across this link on the PND(postnatal depression) facebook group I am on. And upon reading it, was amazed it how it so perfectly describes a lot of the feeling I experience. 114 more words

Mental Illness

Hyper Vigilance

I feel a little better in general today, more like myself, I think.

I was a little upset earlier though, as I walked my children from the school to the car. 559 more words

My Journey