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Speaking fast

Last post I told you I was coming home to be with my mum for a couple of days.

I said I was having a better time with my PTSD. 181 more words

Back with a-bomb

Those four weeks of teacher training placement were hellish. If nothing else, they convinced me that to build meaningful teacher-learner relationships requires way longer than four weeks. 330 more words

Dark House

My last post I spoke about House.

Well I thought I’d watch some more, and was just scouring through episodes, trying to find one I hadn’t seen before. 365 more words

My vivid imagination

In my previous post, I promised to tell you stories such as the time I ran away from a perfectly innocent bin. I’m saving that gem for later, but hyper-vigilance is the gift that keeps on giving, so I’ve plenty more to tell you. 444 more words