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TBT #2

*Sorry I didn’t write on Tuesday. I had other things on my mind*….

In life, you usually play the cards that are dealt to you. You try to keep and try to get as much without losing. 527 more words

Plasma Proteins in the Diagnosis of Disease in Animals.

Plasma proteins are comprised of total protein, which consists of Albumin and Globulins. The function of plasma proteins includes oncotic pressure, buffering capacity, transport, coagulation, immunological functions and inflammation. 442 more words


12/11/14 - What ADHD is Actually Like

So I have ADHD and I’d like to rant a little (Warning: This is a lie. Very long post ahead). Also, I’m not used to ranting, so it was so awkward writing this. 1,338 more words


Andy Just Couldn't Sit Still...Even In The Classroom

In this video, Miriam Manela talks about Andy, a client who couldn’t sit still and also had problems expressing himself, especially when he was feeling strong emotions.   189 more words

Miriam Manela

What to do When it's 11:00 at Night and You're Bouncing-off-the-Walls Hyper

It all started at the young hour of 9:00pm. Bri texted me saying that she no longer needed a ride to class tomorrow. I thanked her for the heads up and proceeded to read. 636 more words