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We Are Dead

This is a poem I knocked out in like 20 minutes trying to fall asleep. I feel it’s necessary to put a disclaimer here stating that this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, it’s just something my mind has been grappling with recently. 210 more words


Devices 2

Hungry Snake (Metaphor)

The serpent ate a smorgasbord of deer,

A feast that, any king see, howl in shame,

A pit sans trough his stomach does appear, 141 more words


Like Bukowski, Poe or Baudelaire

So out of my mind that I can’t think straight.

And so it goes.

Someone said that all the time every night. Do you think he ever got tired of his tagline? 127 more words


Why Is It

When I wear a mask,

People recognize me?

The Last Time

This is what happens when it’s 5am and I still can’t sleep and I’m ruminating over girl troubles. I’m still not entirely sure if this is any good, but I’ve posted one poem in the last three months so I figured why not. 252 more words



I’ve always preferred BBC news over that offered by the like of Sky and ITV.  It lacks the sensationalism of other news broadcasters and provides the news in a digestible format, and with a utilitarian purpose.  260 more words

Where has the time gone?

In this new season of my life, I’ve been reevaluating my finances. “Is Spotify Premium a necessary expense?” I’ve asked myself more than once.

Well, today I received my answer. 533 more words