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Two legs risky

A couple of weeks ago I had a surreal moment, as I walked around a corner into Oldfield Recreation Ground and found a red helicopter, about to take off. 2,633 more words


Hedon Town Council meeting - a photo first!

NOT a particularly dramatic shot but a bit of a historic first! This was taken on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at a meeting of Hedon Town Council… 198 more words


Get Ready For... The 4th Annual Twickenham Twickerati Social Thingy

Remember, remember, the thirteenth of November. Why? It’s only bloody time for the 4th annual Twickenham twickerati hyperlocal meet up thingy, isn’t it?! Some might call it a ‘social’, others a ‘tweet up’, and others might just wonder what the hell we’re talking about. 216 more words


High Street Update

It’s been a long time since our last Twickenham high street update. Has much really happened in the last 3 months? You bet your bottom dollar it has. 1,039 more words


Newspapers and Local TV: lessons to be learned from the INMA

I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the INMA European News Media Conference last week, though I had the pleasure last night of catching up with a couple of attendees and I asked them with great interest what the main takeaways were. 486 more words

A home of one's own

You can hardly walk down a street in the London Borough of Ealing these days without seeing builders at work, on an extension to an existing home or on the demolition of landmark buildings like the Red Lion pub, to make way for blocks of flats. 2,237 more words


Richmond Literature Festival

Words. They didn’t come easy to singing Frenchman F.R. David in his boring yet surprisingly successful early 80s hit of that name but there are plenty of them coming up in the Borough over the weeks ahead. 407 more words