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Roads Closed for TWAP Work

How are you getting on with them there road closures then? And what about that narrow cycle contraflow in Holly Rood too, eh? According to El Brute’s timetable, we’re about half way through the work to re-vamp the London Road / King Street / York Street junction. 76 more words


Law ensures 'Right to Report' of local council meetings

THE LAW has been changed to allow the press and public to film and digitally report from all public meetings of local government bodies.

This… 392 more words


Hyperlocal Voices: Matthew Duffy, Coventry Culture

Cross-post from Online Journalism Blog.

Not all hyperlocal sites cover everything that’s happening in the patch, some focus on specific subject areas. The latest in our series of… 923 more words


Science Made Sexy- NightLife at California Academy of Science

Every Thursday from 6-10pm, the California Academy of Science turns into a San Francisco hot spot. Full of vibrant colors, a bar at every turn, and plenty of attractions, this event makes science sexy. 604 more words

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Gloriana in Twickenham: Where Are We Now?

For the second time in this saga it’s time to say goodbye to one Gloriana boathouse item and hello to a new one. You can still find our previous two items and their 600+ comments on the links below but we felt it was time to take stock of where this almighty rumpus has got to and launch a fresh article. 1,896 more words


Twickenham High Street Update (Updated)

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. It’s the sound of the present slipping into the past, of the ‘now’ becoming the ‘then’. Unless you have a digital watch, in which case it isn’t. 1,019 more words


Cyclist Dies After Truck Collision

There has been more sad and sobering news concerning a London cyclist this week. On Monday morning a cyclist was involved in a collision with a refuse truck on the A316 at the junction of Kew Foot Road and St John’s Grove, near Richmond Athletic Ground. 155 more words