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Gloriana in Twickenham: Where Are We Now?

For the second time in this saga it’s time to say goodbye to one Gloriana boathouse item and hello to a new one. You can still find our previous two items and their 600+ comments on the links below but we felt it was time to take stock of where this almighty rumpus has got to and launch a fresh article. 1,325 more words


Twickenham High Street Update

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. It’s the sound of the present slipping into the past, of the ‘now’ becoming the ‘then’. Unless you have a digital watch, in which case it isn’t. 609 more words


Cyclist Dies After Truck Collision

There has been more sad and sobering news concerning a London cyclist this week. On Monday morning a cyclist was involved in a collision with a refuse truck on the A316 at the junction of Kew Foot Road and St John’s Grove, near Richmond Athletic Ground. 155 more words


More TWAP for Twickenham

We’ve all been enjoying the road works in Twickenham over the last few months, haven’t we? After all, who doesn’t like a good old queue? We’re British, we were born to it. 354 more words


Pic of the Week: A Lego Boathouse

Here at twickerati HQ we like a challenge and we also like to be helpful. Like many people we’ve been struggling to get our brains around the true size of the Gloriana boathouse plan. 154 more words


Hyperlocal Voices: Matthew Duffy, Coventry Culture

Not all hyperlocal sites cover everything that’s happening in the patch, some focus on specific subject areas. The latest in our series of Hyperlocal Voices… 922 more words

Online Journalism

Hyperlocal and the Future of the Social Web

Over the past several years, I have been intrigued by efforts to develop hyperlocal web based media. The most famous of these efforts was “Patch”, developed through AOL. 723 more words