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MY Newest Painting 36 Hours of Correcting Mistakes

This isn’t computer art its acrylic on crescent board. Starting with a pencil and a photo, rulers and drafting tools and some very small brushes. I expected to be finished in about 10 hours start to finish but in reality it took me 36 hours and I had to start over with new crescent board 3 times…lol One mistake and wellllllll. 45 more words


Blue Dive

Matt Story studied art from an early age and demonstrated a unique skill for hyper-realism.  “I was lauded for ‘photo-realistic’ technique, but I was never after that, really, after what a camera impartially sees, because there’s so much more there, captured only by the human filter of memory.  180 more words


The Ultimate Cinderella Movie

Since 2012, we’ve been able to reconnect with our favourite Disney characters. For those who grew up wishing to be a princess, the last few years renewed your dreams. 290 more words


Case Maclaim - New Mural in Switzerland

Case from the Ma’Claim crew recently stopped by Switzerland where he managed to paint another striking piece of hyper realistic hand. In town alongside friends Robin and Smash137, the German artist quickly worked his way through this mural on the streets of Basel.