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Simon Hennessey: Portraits and the human figure.

Simon Hennessey is a hyerrealist that specializes in portraiture nd the human figure. His close ups of people’s faces can truly be appreciated when you start staring at the little details. 78 more words


the ability to transcend the facts.


“i had a chance to exist simultaneously

in many ways, in alternate dimensions

with the ability to transcend the facts

and the serendipity to accept… 37 more words


First Assignment

We will learn the tools for photo-retouching and create an engaging creative expression that applies hyper-realism concepts.

“As a recognized subset of photorealism, hyperrealism takes into account a process of simulation that emphasizes digital degradation, defects and deficiencies of pictorial elements in modern photography and digital imagery. 78 more words

Digital Imagery


Where’s the soap?
22 x 22 cm
oil on panel

A young elephant taking a bubble bath in an old bathtub. On the rack below the mirror you can find anti wrinkle products and lotions for a soft elephant skin.



Taking selfies with his own hyperrealistic paintings Valenica, Venezuela artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates a parallel world of swimming characters. In fact Nunez’s paintings are so carefully crafted that it is often difficult to tell where the painting and photographs begin and end.

Art And Design

Swimming Out of the Paintings

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is a very talented artist from Valencia, Venezuela.
His amazing paintings are so realistic that becomes difficult to distinguish Nuñez from his artworks. 8 more words

Art And Artist

First Assignment

We will discuss the importance of basic design techniques (1) understanding desire or needs, (2) getting inspiration from research, (3) generate solutions, problem solving, (4) seek feedback to validate success (5) reconstitute designs, giving it new form or expression. 60 more words

Digital Imagery