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Synchrologistics: Application Technique Theory

Now that you have successfully induced useful psychic content it is time to work with it.  The possibilities are really quite broad, as everything about you as an individual will come into play with your content.  676 more words


You Gotta' Love the A's

Well, you at least have to appreciate their wise use of resources with regards to pitching and willingness to experiment with what they have on hand. 117 more words

Baseball Media

Metro Bank: Jean Baudrillard's Wet Dream

After passing through the plate glass doors, I was stepped onto glossy white tiles interspersed with a grid of isolated black ones. Around me were polished steel and red neon tubing. 344 more words

Art Theory

Things we steal.

‘Me? I am a doctor.. A wife, a lover, a singer.. an actress.. a woman.. and perhaps, a human too.”, said she.

He wasn’t listening to her. 602 more words


Google Catch 'em All!

Check out what Google did for April Fool’s Day

This blog describes a not-so-little April Fool’s prank that Google played on the world yesterday. The folks at the search engine mega-mogul placed the creatures from the Pokemon universe into the Google Maps application, giving users of the app the ability to attempt to capture 150 of the little guys. 151 more words

The Baby Diaries 24

“Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” Victor Hugo

A friend invited me to go and see Boy George in Chamonix last Friday night. 617 more words

The Baby Diaries

LJ's Introduction to Postmodernism

There is plenty of academic scholarship on postmodernism in the library and online, although a definition has proved somewhat elusive, attempts varied and sometimes contradictory. Here I have pulled together some of the themes and characteristics which have been put forward by different writers which apply particularly to texts for children and young adults. 2,141 more words