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The representation of co-ops in popular culture

When I lived in Manchester I used to shop at a large wholefood co-op. It was cheap, well stocked with good food, nicely set out and one of the major attractions in the area. 890 more words

Baudrillard's Hyperreality- Is this our 'reality' now?

When reading about Jean Baudrillard’s theory of simulacrum, hyperreality and simulation, my mind instantly went to the social media-dominated world we now live in. I think we have passed the ‘postmodern’ era, and now there’s a completely different, manufactured reality to contend with. 481 more words



Not long ago, I went to a Blue Jays game with my friends at the Rogers Centre. At one point, I heard handclaps played over the loudspeakers that sounded like they may have been treated with stadium reverb. 124 more words


Auto Enhance

It’s not that we now live as if every potential moment could be photographed/filmed, it’s more that we seem to automatically behave as if there were already the case. 640 more words

4 Things I Learned After Losing My Laptop

In recent years, I’ve noticed my life becoming more and more tied to my iPhone, laptop, and social networks and less focused on my actual present surroundings. 1,150 more words

Basic Premise

A combination of remote viewing and hyperreal sublimation is used experimentally to explore the possibilities of non-causal interrelations between the subject and an imagined target. Out of the indeterminacy of content is constructed guiding narratives which are used to orchestrate some approximated form of the imagined interaction taken place with the remotely viewed target.


Point of View

Most of us are guilty of being on our phone too much (me included). But when do moments cease to be moments remembered when we don’t snap a photo of it for Instagram or Facebook? 427 more words