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Reality, Perception and Art

I feel like I’ve noticed somewhat of a trend in contemporary photography lately that puts into question the ability of the medium to capture the “truth” or “reality”. 122 more words


Slavery, Wage Labor, and the Inversion of Work

This scene from the 1969 film, Burn! is certainly thought-provoking. However, it operates under – as this blog will argue – a defunct paradigm. It has been replaced by one more ruthlessly efficient and fantastical! 802 more words


Simulacra, Simulation, and the Spectacle

This post serves as the primer mentioned in the previous post. It gives a more thorough understanding of key concepts in Baudrillard’s philosophy as well as that of the SItuationists International (SI). 808 more words


Revolution as Meaningless Simulation

Power floats like money, like language, like theory. Criticism and negativity alone still secrete a phantom of the reality of power. If they become weak for some reason or another, power has no other recourse but to artificially revive and hallucinate them… The deterioration of power is irresistibly pursued: it is not so much the “revolutionary forces” that accelerate this process (often it is quite the opposite), it is the system itself that deploys against its own structures this violence that annuls all substance and all finality. 590 more words


Worth a listen: The Sound of Sports

Over the past few weeks, I have been listening to the 99 Percent Invisible podcast on my journeys to and from work. If you are a fan of… 366 more words



I was walking to work this morning, feeling chipper as usual after my first cup of coffee, when I heard a woman screaming, “You’re that guy from the grocery store!”   I ignored her for a block, half registering what she was saying, and assuming it was not addressed to me. 424 more words


At Home in Babel: The Language of Hyperreality in the Immigrant Narrative

Complicated by the issues of identity, the immigrant experience is fraught . As such, authors engage with this theme by manipulating time and setting. These themes reimagine ghosts in hyperreal forms distorted by memories and perceptions.

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