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Parkinson's Drugs May Spur Compulsive Behaviors

A recent┬ástudy published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, found that ten percent of patients on medications for┬áParkinson’s disease face an increased risk of developing an impulse control disorder. 149 more words

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Mania: I'm not sick! (but I'm not well)

I have recently realised I’ve been hypomanic. Despite being diagnosed with bipolar for seven and a half years, sometimes it blindsides me. Sometimes I just don’t want to believe I really am unwell. 1,318 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Talking To Myself -Part 2

Remember a couple of weeks back when I wrote something seriously depressing? It’s been bothering me ever since because I never had the chance to post the rest of it, and now you all think I’m suicidal or something. 665 more words

Sex. Again.

Hypersexuality is one of the ‘aspects’ of my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

It was one of the several light bulbs that flicked on when I first got my diagnosis. 515 more words


Insomnia Sucks

OK-I had to share. I’m now working on eight hours of sleep in four days. Four of them were today, so I guess that’s a blessing but….. 201 more words


Still So Grumpy

I realize that the moods are going to vary. We are human and I feel that us bipolars are just way more passionate about everything we feel. 253 more words


Very Inspiring Blog Award- Thank you!

Yesterday, my fellow blogger Kelsey Cowie of Sexpectations89 nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, and I am so very touched! (her blog is at… 383 more words