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Hypersexuality and other misadventures

Part of bipolar disorder is a little thing called hypersexuality. It’s exactly what it sounds. It’s something I don’t see discussed often, except when someone is talking about how great it must be to have such a high sex drive or, paradoxically, condemning a crazy person for their sexuality and in reality, it might not be something that they really have control over. 773 more words

Mental Illness

Fornicating On The Altar Of My Own Self-Grandiosity.

Welcome, dear hypothetical reader to the reflections of a childlike adult on the bender for booze and bright lights.

Lonely girl
Bottles of wine… 673 more words

Mental Health


Like other people here in a couple older threads I read, I experience hypersexuality sometimes. Though I have had a lot of sexual trauma over the years (and have also made choices that just led to me re-injuring myself), I never know know what my hypersexuality and promiscuity are “about.” For whatever reason, I have a lot of trouble masturbating to orgasm, hands or vibrator. 29 more words

News of the Weird-Yeah, Pretty Much

So-yeah. Sorry have not been back in awhile, my life kinda got turned a bit upside down. LOL-what’s new. right?

Not even sure where to start this post guys. 839 more words


Feels like heaven

I feel pretty damn good! I’ve been foot tapping since last night and I’m feeling very flirtatious. I am aware my moods are all over the place and there isn’t really any reason for me to feel this good though. 648 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Shattered: My life is in pieces

Yesterday I dropped my iphone on the floor and the screen shattered.
“Do you think that’s a sign?”, the psychiatrist asked.
Unsure if this was some sort of trick question to establish if I was delusional, I chose my words carefully. 1,416 more words

Life (or Something Like It)