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This is so me. Don’t remember most of mine.

Last night was one of those exceptions. An wow, WHAT THE HELL?

What I remember….

I went over to my house where my wife is living now, we’re separated. 128 more words



In September of 2000, I had a psychotic break that resulted in a 2-week stay on an inpatient psych ward after I spent nearly 10 days awake when I left my abusive boyfriend. 686 more words

Mental Health

Sex Drive Overload - Treating Hypersexuality

Sex drive can vary from man to man (and for any man can vary significantly from time to time), but men in general enjoy having a penis that’s pretty much always ready to get up and go. 712 more words


Here's basically what happened

There’s a May 2013 TEDx talk by a husband who’s standing by his bipolar wife. ┬áMark Lukach gets and deserves an easy standing ovation. ┬áHe shows us what it means to be dedicated, thoughtful, wounded and strong. 333 more words

Life on a Hamster Wheel

What do you do when you can’t make decisions but you have decisions that nobody can make for you? You know what you need to do but you can’t do it? 271 more words


Life Beginnings Part 6

So I moved to a bigger city college town. I was newly single, had an okay job, and my mania was just starting to kick in. 1,584 more words


Day Twenty Three

As day twenty three rolls it’s nasty head over to bed I figured I’d share my newest feelings of the day. The week has just gone so well here in hell. 702 more words