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Very Inspiring Blog Award- Thank you!

Yesterday, my fellow blogger Kelsey Cowie of Sexpectations89 nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, and I am so very touched! (her blog is at… 383 more words

31 Days of BPD - Day 6: How’s your love life?

Now, isn’t that a question? Honestly, some days I think I know the answer, then something happens to make me think it’s ok. Then it goes away again….. 1,321 more words


Argh - FML

Ok, so even when I try to do the right thing, it doesn’t seem to work. The universe is laughing at me. Profusely.

So this morning, I texted my friend a cute pic I thought he’d appreciate. 386 more words


An Open Letter from Your Baby Girl - re. This Weekend

Hey Babe,

I know you’re barely speaking to me at the moment. Honestly I’m sure it’s work, real life, etc..but about this weekend.

I know I already apologized to you for making that truly nasty comment via text message, when I already knew you didn’t want to get with me for the weekend. 566 more words



Have you ever had sex so uninspiring that the only title you can come up with is “Meh”? Probably not, not many people are in the habit of writing about their sexual escapades, let alone giving them a title. 839 more words


In an effort to start over, I’ve already made yet another mistake. One I cannot unfortunately take back.

Once something happens, it just can’t un-happen. 374 more words