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I turned my Emily into a poster child

I am a good mom. Yes, I am a very organized, nurturing, educated and amazing mom actually. No matter what they say and how my actions were on that day, I am a good mom to Emily and Brody, I have always been and will be. 1,857 more words

Wannabe Polymath

Are you capable of forgetting your child in a hot car?

This has been weighing heavily on my mind these past few weeks. Our community was rocked by a horrible tragedy last month. A toddler about Rosie’s age was left in a car for eight hours in the parking lot outside his father’s office. 556 more words

Planning Stages: Canine Companion Part 5

Environmental hazards cont’d
Water borne illness
While hiking most people filter or treat their water in one way or another before drinking or cooking with it. 1,177 more words

Appalacian Trail

“Are the kids out of the car???”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Local law enforcement is making a push to keep kids safe this summer.

But they’re not the only ones you have to worry about overheating in a hot car. 122 more words

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Police: "Hot Car Death" Dad Was Sexting As His Son Was Dying

Justin Ross Harris is the beaver-faced Georgia dad suspected of purposely allowing his 22-month-old son to bake to death inside his SUV on June 18. Only minutes ago, a judge found probable cause to present murder and child cruelty charges against Harris before a grand jury. 306 more words

Mother of Georgia toddler who died in hot car now under scrutiny

ATLANTA, GA (CNN) – New developments in the death of a Georgia toddler who died when he was left locked in a hot car for hours. 330 more words


Autopsy: Hyperthermia Killed Child Left In Hot SUV

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A medical examiner in Georgia says hyperthermia was the cause of death for a toddler left for hours in his father’s SUV. 94 more words