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The brain doesn't like it hot

An adequate body temperature is essential for our survival. The brain is especially vulnerable to temperature changes. It won’t display its usual top performance when temperature is too high. 935 more words


San Jose Hospital Pioneering New Treatment That Heats, Kills Cancer Cells

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — A new cancer-fighting strategy that kills deadly cells by raising body temperatures is heating up in the Bay Area.

Whole body hyperthermia is a cancer therapy in which the patient’s body temperature is raised high enough to kill cancer throughout the body. 176 more words


Mixed Emotions

This picture was taken over the summer. The first time going to a dirt race track together. What a great night.

Then, it was time to spend the rest of the summer at the Cancer Treatment Center in Philadelphia. 897 more words


Searching for a Cure

I wrote about hyperthermia as an idea for curing AIDS and other pathogens in the blood. Hyperthermia may at the least purify the blood enough to prolong life, but you would have to create some type of apparatus to cleanse and purify the blood enough for a complete cure. 46 more words



I have been researching various things, and I think that there may be a way to cure AIDS and other pathogens. It’s called hyperthermia, and basically it means heating the blood to a high enough temperature, and slowly cooling to destroy pathogens in the blood with heat. 53 more words