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Primary Data provides Virtualized Data for Virtualized Infrastructures

If Primary Data can do to data storage what VMware did to server computing, there could be a titanic shift in the storage industry in the coming years. 1,062 more words


HowTo: troubleshoot and fix VmWare ESXi boot stuck at 'loading ipmi_si_drv'

The first post that urged me to write a new blog because of several hours of head banging against wall, scratching my hair and relentlessly typing on keyboard with random hits as if i caught up on some shockwave. 213 more words


[DeepSec 2014] A Myth or Reality – BIOS-based Hypervisor Threat - Mikhail Utin

A Myth or Reality – BIOS-based Hypervisor Threat – Mikhail Utin

The talk is a status report of BIOS-based hypervisor research.

Myths and Reality often interest and interchange… this is how life works.

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Primary Data brings Woz aboard and talks virtualized storage

Storage startup Primary Data is ready to demo its technology to potential customers looking to improve their existing data-center storage setup. The startup also said today that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is now Primary Data’s chief scientist; as part of Wozniak’s new gig, he will be helping the company build out its technology and advocate for the company as it courts clients. 351 more words

What is Virtualization?

Since I’d also like to have this blog more accessible for people of different skillsets, I’d like to make a short introduction to the Virtualization technology that is very progressive the last few years. 554 more words


Take these broken RAID arrays and learn to fly again...

I always like some 80s power ballads when doing upgrades. Seems to focus the mind. Recently I had to replace my 1TB disks with a pair of 2TB disks. 1,446 more words

LXD and Docker

This blog post is not about the technical details around LXC, LXD, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. It focuses on the different use cases LXD and Docker are solving and should help non-experts understand them. 600 more words

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