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Add hardisk to Oracle VirtualBox

I keep forgetting these steps so I decided to document them. Steps to add a extra hard disk space in Oracel virtual box. This is for Ubuntu… 250 more words


Building a Bridge To Your ESXi Heart

Recently I was tasked with getting into a running ESXi 5.5 hypervisor. For reasons best left to NDAs, I did not have a set of credentials. 400 more words


Physical Server or a Virtual Machine?

Lot of times, when stepping up for supporting a new SQL Server Instance, we as a DBA need to know whether it’s running on a Physical Machine or a VM. 170 more words


Cách thêm card mạng NIC vào gói cài ISO của Hypervisor ESXi 5.5

Kể cả với phiên bản VMware ESXi 5.5.0 update 1, 1a, 1b đều vẫn dùng bình thường.

Đặc biệt có quá nhiều bài thảo luận nói về các Card mạng đã không còn tương thích hoặc không thể cài… 919 more words


Can Storage enable Hyper-V to replace VMware?

In our recent webinar “Don’t let storage eat your Hyper-V Savings” we were asked a question from the audience, “Will Hyper-V ever replace VMware as the predominant hypervisor in the data center?” This loaded question is actually very interesting. 467 more words


One Year of SmartOS

NOTE: you can also download this post in PDF format if you’re into that.

1  Introduction

I’ve been using SmartOS for one year as my main development OS, and I want to… 2,768 more words


Gridstore enables Windows Cloud Data Center

Enterprises are striving toward cloud like operations, often called “The Cloud Data Center”. The goal is for IT to provide the flexibility and scalability that the modern business is demanding from data center operations. 541 more words