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OK Labs Story (1): The Beginning

Last week I promised a bit of history on Open Kernel Labs. Here is the first installment.

It all started more than ten years ago, when one morning I got a call from Kevin, identifying himself as an IP lawyer for Qualcomm. 1,049 more words


How to get MacBook Air VDI Performance at a Chromebook price

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) presents some real challenges for companies looking to replace their inventories of desktop PCs. It has to provide a desktop experience that’s acceptable to users and an infrastructure that costs the same or less than the PCs it’s replacing. 534 more words


The Virtualized Cloud Fabric

Many organizations are deploying multiple hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM in an effort to drive down costs. But this can cause infrastructure sprawl, hinder virtualized application mobility and impact the ability of an IT organization to meet SLAs. 432 more words


Four Requirements for adding DR-as-a-Service to VMware

For years, organizations have struggled with maintaining functional disaster recovery capabilities for their most critical business systems. The capital investment for redundant hardware, software and data center infrastructure, along with the personnel time required to ensure that business applications are adequately protected and recoverable, can be monumental. 1,427 more words


RIP Open Kernel Labs, Welcome Cog Systems

This month marks the second anniversary of the acquisition of Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) by General Dynamics (GD). It also marks ten years of us engaging with Qualcomm on commercialising L4 microkernel technology, and eight years since OK Labs was founded. 315 more words

Operating Systems And Virtualization

The Rise and Fall of Enterprise Security

Every day, enterprises are bombarded by rapidly multiplying and morphing advanced threats—and current network and endpoint security solutions aren’t capable of defeating these targeted attacks. This year a major IT analyst wrote: “Advanced targeted attacks are easily bypassing traditional firewalls and signature-based prevention mechanisms. 1,437 more words


Storage Q&A: StarWind and StorageSwiss Answer Hyper-V Storage Questions

A company needs to upgrade its IT equipment to keep up with increasing storage demand. The question is, “Will the new technology that’s supposed to save me money actually cost me money?” Joining Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst in our recent webinar “ 1,588 more words

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