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RIP Open Kernel Labs, Welcome Cog Systems

This month marks the second anniversary of the acquisition of Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) by General Dynamics (GD). It also marks ten years of us engaging with Qualcomm on commercialising L4 microkernel technology, and eight years since OK Labs was founded. 314 more words

Operating Systems And Virtualization

The Rise and Fall of Enterprise Security

Every day, enterprises are bombarded by rapidly multiplying and morphing advanced threats—and current network and endpoint security solutions aren’t capable of defeating these targeted attacks. This year a major IT analyst wrote: “Advanced targeted attacks are easily bypassing traditional firewalls and signature-based prevention mechanisms. 1,437 more words


Storage Q&A: StarWind and StorageSwiss Answer Hyper-V Storage Questions

A company needs to upgrade its IT equipment to keep up with increasing storage demand. The question is, “Will the new technology that’s supposed to save me money actually cost me money?” Joining Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst in our recent webinar “ 1,588 more words

Virtual Machine

Hypervisor Vs OS Level Virtualization

We have been using VMware,Docker etc…  All these enables virtualization .  But how they do it makes the whole difference.  Lets take a glance at different types of virtualizaion techniques. 247 more words


Add hardisk to Oracle VirtualBox

I keep forgetting these steps so I decided to document them. Steps to add a extra hard disk space in Oracel virtual box. This is for Ubuntu… 250 more words


Building a Bridge To Your ESXi Heart

Recently I was tasked with getting into a running ESXi 5.5 hypervisor. For reasons best left to NDAs, I did not have a set of credentials. 400 more words


Physical Server or a Virtual Machine?

Lot of times, when stepping up for supporting a new SQL Server Instance, we as a DBA need to know whether it’s running on a Physical Machine or a VM. 170 more words