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Briefing Note: Platform9 brings Amazon Class Automation to Traditional Data Centers

For many data centers the most appealing part of the public cloud is the automated provisioning. Users or application owners simply define the type and amount of compute and storage they need and the public cloud automatically provisions the exact resources. 587 more words


Briefing Note: Ravello enables traditional Data Centers to leverage the Cloud

In our recent article “How Traditional Data Centers Should Use The Cloud” we discussed the concept of starting the application development process in the cloud and then migrating that application on-premises when development is complete. 690 more words


Welcome To Virtualisation.

This piece is going to look at how hypervisors generally work, it will not go into the inner workings of specific hypervisors. Hopefully this piece will also help explain why not every application is suitable for virtualisation. 874 more words


Pluribus Networks gets $50M to route traffic in the data center

Pluribus Networks, a software-defined networking (SDN) startup, wants to make a case for virtualizing the functions of the switch, and it landed a $50 million series D investment round to help do so, the company said Wednesday. 358 more words

Storage Q&A: How to run Virtual Machines on your OpenStack Infrastructure

Open vStorage has a new product that will allow you to run virtual machines right on your OpenStack Infrastructure. Storage Crump Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump and Open vStorage Product Manager Wim Provoost sat down with me in the studio for a… 1,751 more words


Top 10 Ways To Increase ESX Server Performance For Free

Increase ESX Server Performance
Ways To Increase ESX Server Performance is often an after thought for most systems administrators, especially if VMWare is not your thing. 24 more words

Patching and Upgrading VMWare ESXi Hypervisor


1. Put the VMWare server in maintenance mode
2. Download update package from https://www.vmware.com/patchmgr/findPatch.portal
3. Upload the .zip file to the datastore
4. Install current VMWare vSphere CLI (Windows installer found here: … 149 more words

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