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Pathways that Hold Memories Intact

The pathways that we walked on years ago, had something to share to the numb eyes. The vision of the eyes were eager to learn the secrets of the pathways. 92 more words


New Music: No Artificial Colours - Hypnotize

Get you, No Artificial Colours, with your old school (should that be skool?) beats, making everybody that gets within listening distance fall in love with you. 172 more words


What made Norman shriek?

Skatz: He was hypnotized into seeing himself in a mirror for the first time.


I am heading on a jet plane to Atlanta tomorrow for Laura’s wedding!!  In honour of the trip please enjoy this interview with Ludacris.

Also a throwback that has nothing to do with Atlanta and everything to do with Laura.


What's on the Shelf?: System of a Down "Hypnotize"

Monster ends the System of a Down reviews with “Hypnotize”!


Chapter One

“I used to have these black outs and when I woke up I’d be any number of places. They really freaked my mother out so she sent me to see every doctor under the sun. 1,855 more words

Chapter One