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Calling Bullshit: GOP Wants to Abolish the IRS

When there are so many real issues that need our attention, why are Republicans going around the country defaming the Internal Revenue Service? They have succeeded in cutting that agency’s budget and crippling it in various other ways. 838 more words


Christian Imaging

Lately I have been trying to get into poetry again so I thought I might share my latest one with you all. This poem was inspired by songs like Sidewalk Prophets “Live Like That”; songs that encourage us to reflect the true image of Christ. 426 more words


Every time I leave for local or international trips, whether all by myself or with the family, I always put into mind that I’d be coming home soon. 476 more words

Facebook Flame Wars: The Fire This Time

For anyone who is serious about inspiring, creating, and participating in social change, please allow me to offer a simple bit of advice: AVOID FACEBOOK WARRIORS. 333 more words

Tactical Voting

Ipswich Labour and members of the Ipswich Left are very angry at the idea of Tories in Bridge Ward voting UKIP to get rid of Jim Powell. 82 more words

Internal Battles - Realist vs Idealist

I’ll open this up with this disclaimer/confession: I’m a hypocrite, and I know I’m a hypocrite. I can get self-indulgent at times, feel self-entitled, and deride others for the stupid things they do; but I do these (or similar) things too. 501 more words


The Story about Distractions

An interesting article popped up my LinkedIn feed, one of those ‘recommended’ slash homepage right-on-top ones. Funnily enough, this one was on Distractions.

So if there is something anyone wants to know about distractions, … 1,048 more words