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Of envy and hypocrisy and stupid cows

I was planning to write this quite some time ago (basically at the moment I found out which was soon after it happened) but I had not time. 1,002 more words

Come As You Are

The Spiritual Gut Punch to My Beliefs

In the not too distant past, I found myself enduring a painful inner battle – strongly questioning my personal beliefs and my faith in God. 598 more words


Mark Fieore: United States of John Roberts

The Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore tackles the latest debacle from the Supremes:


Stumbling People is Bethel's Ministry at Apex

Bethel Ministry at Apex of Stumbling

The ministry Bethel is peaking at is the missing 5-10% JW growth rate of 20 years, which reciprocates to stumbled and diverted people and sheep away from the Bible and God, and out of JWs as a religion, who now has the worst global religious retention rate of any religion, I think I read at JWfacts. 696 more words


The Great Social Evil (or, "Render up your body or die")

I’d like extend our class discussion about “fallen women” to certain social contexts that relate to, and frame, that concept. In particular, I’d like to look at a three Victorian documents dealing with prostitution. 1,075 more words

Historical/Social Context

A memorable funeral

It was a foolish act, the way they barged into the scene. The tears, which were streaming on their full rosy cheeks, looked ridiculous. The funeral was funny … Guests came to eat, drink and laugh. 50 more words

Quote of the day: Kunstler on the Ukraine

From James Howard Kunstler, writing in his always-provocative blog, Clusterfuck Nation:

Barack Obama, who I voted for twice, is on his way to becoming the worst US president in my lifetime, at least — and maybe in the whole cavalcade going back to the very start of the republic.

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