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Common Sense Solution

Common Sense Solution

Common sense? Ha! Obama has tons.
With sound thinking his brain has the runs.
He solves problems with ease.
He’ll control this disease… 14 more words

388 Self-deception

If you act in public in a manner contrary to the teachings of Christ, maintaining that your private position is in accord with His, you are not only deceiving yourself, but you are responsible for giving scandal. 35 more words


For the Love of God, Please Get Out and Vote!

Please! If you value your lives, get out and vote! Everywhere you look there are stories about the weird, wild and ridiculous escapades of people in public office.  393 more words

In The News

The Most Misunderstood Word (Isn't Kingdom, Sorry).

I saw this interview on Religion News Service with Scot McKnight, who argues that Christians talk a big game about this idea of “kingdom,” but don’t really understand what it means in the Bible or how it should play out in their everyday lives. 2,265 more words


A little talk

Hell-bound lying’s made me slipp’ry
Year by year the same old empty
Pleasures caught in furtive snatches
Oscillate with guilt, regret and
Cynicism born of habit. 154 more words

Houston, You Have A Contradiction

In recent days, some news out of Houston, TX has reached the national stage, and it has to do with sexuality and religion. Yet again, we find another example of liberal hypocrisy: they want everyone to be tolerant, yet not tolerant of ideas and speech that are in conflict with their own views. 206 more words