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I Have an All-Inclusive Dream! (Follow-Up)

This is a follow-up post to I Have an All-Inclusive Dream! I would suggest reading the original post first.

The following article echoes my desire for a world set free from this age-old, tyrannical system/order: … 985 more words


The God Test



By Lloyd H. Whitling


I have been challenged, time and again, to prove the god named God does not exist. When I respond, “That’s not my claim to prove,” challengers quickly snap back with, “You say that because you can’t prove your claim.” 1,952 more words



Hillary Clinton, who is not presently holding a public office but is campaigning for president under cover promoting her book.  Hillary, as a presidential candidate, what do you have to say about the Michael Brown shooting by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri?   490 more words

Starved and thirsty Lugansk: "We need this help!"

Western commenters continue to ignore the suffering of civilians in Eastern Ukraine. What should you think of someone, who makes a point of Russians having painted military trucks white and pointing out that the humanitarian aid “is actually a military invasion”? 105 more words


Mexican Government Decries Perry’s National Guard Deployment While Mexican Side of the Border Already Militarized

 -By Allan Wall -

Now-beleaguered Texas Governor Rick Perry’s deployment of National Guard troops to the border has angered the government of Mexico, despite the fact that the U.S.-Mexican border is… 551 more words

World Events

The Brood of Vipers

I’ve never been a particular fan of snakes, much less a brood of them (that just sounds disgusting), so if someone called me that, I’d be pretty offended. 855 more words

The Government Gets a Free Pass Too . . .

Why Corporations Breaking Environmental Laws Are Getting A Free Pass


Governments are notorious polluters . . . check this out:

Enviromental Protection Under Voluntarism