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Why do we live in a corrupted world? Why do we live in a place where good people never get the good they deserve and the bad ones (I’m not being Manichean, they really are bad) do,  962 more words

Rudderless U.S. foreign policy


What has the Obama administration done in response to this aggression by Russia? Not really much, other than impose toothless sanctions on Russian businessmen close to…

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Standing Room Only At Collin County Meeting About Immigrant Children


With the threat of a so-called “immigrant tsunami,” Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid invited the public to attend commissioner’s court on Monday –- and they did.

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Michelle Obama Denounces Money in Politics; But...

Michelle Obama Denounces Money in Politics; But….


First she complains about how there shouldn’t be all of this big money in political campaigns; and then she asks for people to make the biggest contributions they possibly can? 13 more words

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Is God a Bigot?

I just read a Dear Amy letter about a gay man whose sister, marrying into a very Christian family, wrote him and asked that he not attend the wedding because of his lifestyle choice not being in line with their beliefs. 716 more words

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Hypocrisy of AMA Standard of Care: 4 Year Old Girl Dies from Pharmaceutical Stew

Source: Natural Society, by Paul Fassa

Deaths, injuries, or illnesses that result from any allopathic medical protocols or medicines are iatrogenic events (caused by medical intervention). 248 more words