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The Christian Hypocrite

It’s been a while.

Facebook is a great place for Christians to show off their hypocritical ability. I mean it doesn’t take much effort for me to find the guy who in one breath posts lyrics about grace and love and in the next breath posts how much a certain politician is ruining America, or how the barista messed up his or her drink AGAIN, or how people just really tick them off because they drive slow in the left hand lane (My pet peeve) or how rude customers are to them at work. 697 more words

People are delusional, according to God

Are people delusional? According to Scripture, yes. Near the end, people are a little out there.

What’s surprising is why. Why are people delusional? Is it something in the water? 1,106 more words



I have a dilemma.Well, I have a lot of dilemmas, but we’ll start with this one because it will make more sense than most of the rest. 317 more words


Abbott Slashing & Burning, And People Are Surprised

Another day, another backtrack by Tony Abbott. Despite promising no funding cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it now seems that he is determined to swing the axe towards the public broadcaster’s budget. 336 more words


Environmentalist? Maybe I am Just a Plain Old Hypocrite.

So, I have been thinking lately what a shame it is that so many people are so conscious of the environment, yet do nothing about it. 299 more words


Actually for a change, that is a word I am using to describe me. I take pride in not being one mostly, but today I have become one.(again). 696 more words