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Hydrostatic Assessment

(i.e. the “dreaded pressure test”)

Public works squeezed expose leaks and lack

of strength.  And what counts is overturned

morphing into what cannot be helped. 83 more words


Random manifestation that escapes my mind #2

Small, contrived, and definitely unnecessary talk merely to fill out the awkwardness of the silent morning air…with aunt Mel.

I’m not the most sociable person, and at times I can be cynical and sarcastic, or even cruel toward people, especially in the morning. 547 more words


I See Hypocrites Before Me

I see hypocrites before me
Tugging at my tender soul
Whispering hatred in my ear
Their existence; now I must mull
But I do not ask for them… 14 more words


From NewsBreaker On Ora.TV, "Filmmaker Michael Moore's Luxurious Property Empire Revealed"--CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRITE!!!!


Filmmaker Michael Moore, notorious for his anti-capitalism views , under fire as his nine luxurious properties are revealed following his divorce settlement. 406 more words


Dear Applicant

The theory is that for every job application you tailor your resume and your cover letter to the needs of the job. You find your more appropriate skills and achievements and bring them to the fore, hoping to make the task easier for the person recruiting. 90 more words

David Suzuki Annoys the Heck Out of Me!!!

Full disclosure, I am not a tree hugger, and I live in a province that is rich because of oil.  I am also not stupid, I drive into our city and can see the haze of pollution.   530 more words

Colbert lampoons Steve Pearce - New Mexico's primo Republican hypocrite

Like any politician skewered by Colbert, Pearce has now passed beyond the deer-in-the-headlights stage and has his minions running hither and yon – trying to soften the effect of Colbert and his army of fans who laugh at what passes for a conservative in 21st Century America.

Thanks to Steve Terrell