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Preemptive Love

In today’s post I will be reviewing the book “Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time” by Jeremy Courtney.  In the end of the post I will talk a bit about this year’s project for CHD Awareness Week, it will all tie together, I promise! 1,356 more words


The 'F' word. Fontan explained.

Friends always ask me to explain what this impending Fontan surgery entails.

Being more of an arts person than a science person I have struggled to answer it with the degree of certainty a perfectionist like me demands. 382 more words

Bi-directional Glenn Shunt

After a decade, there will be tears

There is no such thing as insignificant growth. That’s my new mantra. Colman measured 1.6 centimeters taller than he had on our previous trip to Houston. 1,193 more words

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


I am sure that this blog may be ridiculed by some but certainly not by a parent who has a child with a life threatening health condition.  432 more words

The last four years in an 800 word nutshell

Ted was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Essentially, half a heart.  There is no cure and his treatment is called a 3 staged palliation. 772 more words

Bi-directional Glenn Shunt

His Doctor Dropped the F-bomb....and other medical information

So Bennet has half a heart. I know a lot you already know this, but I thought I should clarify. He literally is living with half a heart. 1,001 more words


2014: A Year in Review

Can you believe 2014 is aaaaalmost over?  Goodness, it seemed to go by so quickly.  I have to say, this was one heck of a year for Nolan: he achieved so much and made so many great strides.   77 more words