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The risks (and reality) of hypothermia

I don’t wish to startle you, but rather share with you the reality of hypothermia and raise awareness of this serious condition. The information provided in this post is general in nature. 1,005 more words


Georgia Murder Case Brings Unprecedented Attention to Hot-Car Deaths

The Georgia father whose 22-month-old son died of heat stroke in June after being left in the backseat of a car was indicted on three murder charges by a Georgia grand jury Thursday. 435 more words

Dragonfly Hypothermia, Purgatory

Last August was hot.

My apartment on North Capitol Street was like a take-out box tucked in a refrigerator: a windowless, squashed box fermenting slowly in the artificial cold. 972 more words


Dog Stew, A Rattlesnake Bite and Hypothermia… Reblog

This is the fifth and final of a series of Blogs on how the Peripatetic Bone was found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I will respond to comments when I return from Burning Man. 885 more words

Wild Adventures

8 Year Old Amy and the Case of the Cursive P

The most stressed out period of my life was the year I spent in Mrs. Lemieux’s third grade class. Yeah, you read that correctly, third grade. 1,562 more words


Fairy Land Part II

Last weekend was once again cool and cloudy.  On Friday night, while everyone else was at the first football game of the season, we headed to the beach.  520 more words

Winter is Coming

Brace yourselves!  Yes, it is getting colder and I am starting to have to think about how to avoid the old enemy- hypothermia.  Hypothermia is when your body temperature drops below 35C (your normal body temperature is around 37C, if you were wondering). 518 more words