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The Birth Control Debate

I have decided to go off the birth control pill for several reasons:

1. I don’t need to take it to prevent getting pregnant, but I have been on it for years and never really questioned what it is doing to my body. 329 more words

Eating Disorders

Ummm....What just happened?

Over the past week, I’ve been eating a lot.  I stopped keeping track on my Fitbit because is didn’t make sense because I knew I was going to gain weight so it didn’t matter.   248 more words


Back and Forth - Backwards, Forwards

Ok so after reflecting on the T25 issue, I have had to make another adjustment.  I am taking a step backwards.  Not in a bad way.   533 more words


Day 7: New Day, New Butt

Yesterday ended up being a rest day and not great in the food department, but not too horrible either.  We had to run a lot of errands and I was stressed over trying to figure out the whole law school thing. 594 more words

Law School

Everyone needs their own theme music, and I found mine.

It’s day 5 and yesterday was a bad day all around.  I didn’t get into Yale because my stats reflect that I have had to fight for everything I’ve ever gotten my whole life.   391 more words


Day 3.2: When life gives you pears, make pear bread

I have an embarrassment of pears at the moment.  I love pears and eat them in salads, fruit salads, and on their own all the time.   422 more words


Day 3: And I burst into tears

So I have been struggling with the inability to lose weight regardless of diet or activity level for the last 10 years and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 18 months ago.   238 more words