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Sleeping Bears

“You should always let sleeping bears lie…”

“Its dogs Mum. Let sleeping dogs lie not bears.”

“I like bears.”

As a family we have never been very good at communication despite there being only three of us, me, Mum and Dad. 1,818 more words


Do you know much about estrogen?  I sure don’t.  I kind of had a crash course last December before/during/after the hysterectomy, but if you asked me to give you the dictionary-definition of it, I’m out. 579 more words

Cowden's Syndrome

Unexpected side effect

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that hysterectomy would fix my chronic constipation.  But it has.  I have not changed my diet.  I am not eating some uber fiber diet and drinking 12 1/2 quarts of water a day.   95 more words


When will it end?!

Monday I finally had the colonoscopy and it went good I guess. The prep was AWFUL! Dr noticed when they went by my uterus during the procedure is when I had the most intense pain. 221 more words


Just so you know TOTAL hysterectomy is ...

Many times while talking to people and patients I will hear them talk about total hysterectomy.  When I ask them what their definition of total hysterectomy is many of them tell me, “It’s when the uterus, tubes and ovaries get taken out — everything.” 253 more words


da Vinci Surgery system

Someone close to my family passed away this summer of cancer. In lieu of flowers her family asked for donations to help fund a new da Vinci Surgery robot for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. 235 more words


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Finally someone wrote about the da Vinci so I don't have to! THANK YOU!!!  This short post details the advantages of the da Vinci method ... the reason why I chose this as the method for my hysterectomy. uterus drawing

A Moment of Gratitude

I rant a little (or a lot) on this blog.  I talk about the crazy things that are going on in my life and how difficult it has been to deal with it all.   1,510 more words