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Do you want to see my Endo pics?

I’ve created the following post, but password protected it, so people don’t stumble across it in horror. I say that, but maybe I should just leave it open to show people how horrible Endometriosis is? 17 more words


Three weeks down, three weeks to go

My surgery was 3 weeks ago yesterday.  Recovery is going very well.  I have been cooking dinners.  I can do laundry (I don’t carry a full laundry basket–I let Hubby do it).  1,325 more words


Deadly Medical Device?

Amy Reed is a wife, doctor, and mother of 6 young children.  Like many women, she suffered from uterine fibroids.  What she didn’t know was that she had cancer, and she says the device doctors used in her routine hysterectomy surgery in 2013, spread cancer all over her abdominal cavity. 405 more words


Having a Hysterectomy: What I Didn't Expect

This is a bit of a long post so here is a summary:

If you or someone you know is considering a hysterectomy, it may be helpful to be aware that the recovery may very well be LONGER and HARDER than your doctor makes it seem and no one seems to warn you about the resulting depression, angst, or just generalized bittersweet feelings you may get from losing your uterus. 618 more words

Stole My Thunder

M has four adult children.  They’re all smart, they’re all GT, but the oldest, a girl, is also very knowledgeable.  She knows about a wide variety of things – politics, sports, restaurants, money, she speaks Russian, listens to NPR every day, works non-profit – you get it.   374 more words

The surgical removal of her hysteria?  Oh, you rascally physicians, you.

Well, I guess it was just a big, missed understanding!


Well, after all the rigmarole in April and the gallons of KleenPrep, they did a laparascopy in June and guess what…. Then Endo was back.  They had gone in really as I’d agreed to a hysterectomy. 130 more words