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Day 11: Bumper to bumper

Yep, you read that right. Today’s Happy is traffic. Bumper-to-bumper, horn-honking, road-raging traffic.

Because here’s the deal. Two Happys actually came out of my 20 minute-turned-65 minute commute home. 533 more words


White House Climate Change Gravy Train Gets Moving

Source: Acting Man, November 19, 2014 | Author Pater Tenebrarum

A Touch of Paranoia Can’t HurtFollowing the G-20 commitment to “fight climate change” (short-hand for: hike taxes and increase regulations, while exerting precisely zero influence on the climate – whereby this latter point may be the only good thing about it), … 553 more words


Germans Upset About 5 Million Illegal Immigrants In US-Amerika

That those bad Republicans could stop El Presidente from sparing them from deportation and thus not let them get their work permits, I mean.

Meanwhile…44% of Germans surveyed resent having a small number of LEGAL asylum seekers in their country and want them to get the hell out. 63 more words


Until Dawn

She gazed out the window,
watching as the world slowly disappeared.
It’s never easy letting go.
The memories of yesterday will never be the same. 152 more words


Day 10: Open mic

(I couldn’t actually take a picture of this Happy, it would have been creepy)

Ok, so yesterday I shared that I had a tough time coming up with my… 754 more words


Kickstarter-funded 12" vinyl release from grassroots electronic duo

Peckham-based duo Presence and Persona established their label Tokyo Wax last year, a Kickstarter campaign gave them the funds to produce, press and distribute their new 12” vinyl EP, TW001, which was released earlier this week. 891 more words


Snow Hysteria (aka Consumerism)

People around here have very short memories apparently.  Yesterday I could not find anything to do so I watched the 2014 version of the reality show called snow hysteria.  680 more words