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The Past And The Present Collide

Yesterday was a very traumatic day. Some things happened which in turn left me in a state of uncontrollable crying, hyperventilating, and hysteria. I ended up at my psychiatrist’s office and he treated me with 2 sedatives immediately. 592 more words

Britain and Immigration

On 1st January 2014, British labor market opened unrestricted to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. It posed a serious concern for British government which relentlessly pursue to cap the net migration. 611 more words

David Cameron

Dead celebrities

You guys got hysterical about Pete Seeger for a whole week. Michael Jackson got a solid month. What happened this time? Four days? You call that hysteria? 83 more words

Movies And Television

Sensitivity Is a Good Thing

“You are too sensitive.” I and other people with mental health problems hear it all the time. I was raised with the idea that I should be more laid-back. 256 more words


Like walking on a tightrope

I was one of the millions, probably billions of people who were reminded of  how cruel life can be today. From the second I got into work it was all anyone was talking about and news of it crashed our computers and flooded news feeds everywhere. 426 more words

Do you have a signature pet for your hunter?

I am kicking around the idea of leveling my hunter first in Warlords. Now, my hunter is usually my 2nd or 3rd alt I level up. 424 more words


Meet the hysteric

Ok so I’m pretty new to this blogging thing. I started a blog at work but that’s more professional, and I’d never really thought of doing a personal one before. 299 more words