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4Minute (포미닛): Badly (나쁘게)

 왜 내게 나쁘게 나쁘게
wae naege nappeuge nappeuge

알면서도 날 아프게 아프게 넌 내게 나쁘게 나쁘게 하니 왜
almyeonseodo nal apeuge apeuge neon naege nappeuge nappeuge hani wae… 263 more words

First Album

4Minute (포미닛): First [Korean Version]

 모르겠어 내가 왜 이러는건지 나의 맘이 너만 보면 떨려와
moreugesseo naega wae ireoneungeonji naui mami neoman bomyeon tteollyeowa
I don’t know why I’m like this, my heart flutters when I see you… 789 more words

First Album

4Minute (포미닛): Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아)

 Let’s go 4Minutes left 4Minutes left Ah! Ah!
4Minutes left 4Minutes left Ah! Ah!

 대체 왜 그땐 날 거들떠 보지 않고
daeche wae geuttaen nal geodeultteo boji anko… 667 more words

First Album

Beatiful Mistake [Indonesian Translation]

 a story by knovelist on asianfanfics.

translation by tanaya.


Length//Genre: Series. School-life, Romance, Angst.

Rating: PG 16, PG-17 (When the rated scenes appeared) 156 more words


[K-Style Fridays] Who Wore It Better? [Seeing Doubles Edition]: HyunA

We’re seeing doubles on this week’s edition of “Who Wore It Better?”

4minute’s HyunA has been spotted twice, wearing this red dress, and green sweater from the… 64 more words



Say something, I’m giving up on you…

I’ll be the one, if you want me to…

(A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera – Say Something…

227 more words