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So, did Warner Bros. inadvertently predict the future? Or is this the mother of all marketing schemes?

Lets go back…back in time. Back all the way…to 2007. WB released the film “I am Legend” as a Will Smith vehicle. I remember it as a decent film whose ending deviated from the source material a little too much for my taste. 110 more words


Animal Actors

The next phase of my moviebrickroad journey comes face to face with the animal world. That brilliantly loyal terrier Toto is such a furry ball of nice isn’t he, well actually played by a female Cairn Terrier named Terry, this dog shows how that old rule of never work with children or animals doesn’t always ring true. 410 more words


I Am Legend (2007) Review

Plot : A virus that was created to battle cancer was given to some cancer patients, the results looked promising. A few years later the virus mutates into a plague that wipes out most of the population in New York,and maybe even the world. 521 more words


Cinema Sunday: The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Title: The Last Man on Earth

Distributor: AIP (American International Pictures)/ MGM

Writers: Richard Matheson (book and assisted with the screenplay), William F. Leicester, Ubaldo Ragona, Furio M. 1,566 more words


I Am Legend

Author: Richard Matheson

Type: Fiction, short stories

Full title: I Am Legend and Other Stories

Published: 1954

I read it: December 2007… 308 more words

I Am Legend Audio

In 2007, the BBC aired a reading of I Am Legend. The book, of course. They are currently replaying it. The second episode aired last night. 252 more words

General Blithering

Clapping hands like the spatter of irregular rifle fire, swaying bodies like stalks in a terrible wind, moans of the great potential dead, screams of the fighting living.

7 more words
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