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Longing for the Apocalypse: Kingdom Come and Why We Love Stories of Mass Destruction

Among my favorite apocalyptic stories is the 1996 DC Comics series Kingdom Come. Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s four issue run is a big, sprawling, high stakes affair, and one of DC Comic’s most celebrated titles.  2,824 more words


Friday Five: The Top Five Vampire Novels That You Don’t Have To Defend As “Reading For Your Students”

So, as a High School English Teacher, I am still asked about the Twilight series.  This often comes from my students, and my standard response is that I thought the ratio of “teen romance” and “vampire action” would be a little more “vampire action” than it turned out to be.   612 more words

The Last Man On Earth (1964)

Good day, my dear friends.
I know I should give space to as many actors, directors and films as possible in this blog, but I just couldn’t resist the charm of our beloved Vincent Price, again. 545 more words


I Am Legend

Today we know Richard Matheson as one of the greatest and most important voices to grace American fiction in 21th century. But when his third novel, I Am Legend, was released he was a relative unknown. 865 more words


The Omega Man

‘The Omega Man’… Not ‘The Last Man On Earth’ and for God’s sake, NOT ‘I Am Legend’. This is the best rendition of the classic timeless story. 599 more words

Zombie? Apocalypse?

It is weird to dream of apocalyptic world with zombies running all around. Did I mention about zombies? My previous weird dream doesn’t consist with zombies, it just a cold, apocalyptic world where “Noah’s” big flood is coming. 149 more words


Book Thoughts: I am Legend

I had a nightmare about this book last night. Not fun.

In a world of monotonous horror there could be no salvation in wild dreaming. 477 more words