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My Personal Decree - I AM a Warrior of Light

My Decree:
I AM growth, unhindered by my own fear. The biggest obstacle exists only in and of my own mind. I AM blazing through the haze of self-doubt. 223 more words


Taking Home the Win

*I didn’t clue my vid guy on how to hold the iphone while filming. Thanks to, JK, I learned that like a whole month ago;) 279 more words

I Am

Ears to Hear

In his “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning,” Thomas Troward wrote that Jesus came:

“…not to proclaim Himself, but Man; not to tell us of His Own Divinity separating Him from the race and making Him the Great Exception, but to tell us of… 398 more words

My Definition of God

Whatsoever was original to the beginning of all creation, such that all that came after her could only be of her, this is the God I know, this is the God “I Am”.

Original Nuggets

Good Morning Gorgeous

Prove them wrong.

Today’s Affirmation: I am a good person.


I need to be me, judging won’t change anything.


Fail, Fail Again and Fail Better

We are totally team Pema over here in the Hurley/Haggarty house. Elisa attributes her to saving her life, and I never tire listening to her transparent and authentic teachings. 134 more words

I Am