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"My" Voice are you being heard?

So I haven’t posted on here in quite a while and to a degree feel fairly guilty. However it’s almost as if I have not had the desire to write. 380 more words

Murmurs Of A Troubled Heart

B101: Edit your title and tagline...

Assignment #2:

In college I took a philosophy class my junior year and learned about Descartes. His well known quote “I think therefore I am” really influenced me and made me question everything that I was and what I wanted to be. 362 more words


My 3 I AM's...

I am prosperous in my business.

I am spreading health and happiness.

I am a beacon of hope, joy, and leading by good example.

I was introduced to THRIVE by a sister from another direct sales business opportunity. 236 more words


Marathon Mania Give-Some-Get-Some Breakdown

I was never good at selling girl scout cookies, or America’s Best Chocolate Bars, and I really sucked at the Joe Corbi’s cardboard Pizza Kit sales. 609 more words

I Am

CONTRACTIONS HAVE BEGUN and Tessa Ruth Will Soon Be Born!

Greetings! I AM Tessa Ruth and I am a writer. I have been journaling since I received my very first furry pink Diary with a lock and key. 539 more words


Come Forth

She couldn’t help it. Her head knew better, but her heart was unrelenting. One day she would realize that her heart spoke from trust and her head spoke only of fear, and at that very moment all of the power she suppressed would come forth and the Earth would never be the same.

An Empowering Journey of Finding Who I AM ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

An Empowering Journey of Finding Who I AM

Posted by melandmike on September 14, 2014

“I dedicate this writing to all the people in my life that I have left behind, my dearest family and past friends. 3,060 more words

Walking Terra Christa