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In the silence I am

Do you think your silence bothers me?

It doesn’t……

It is a welcome distraction from the white noise that surrounds me, that suffocates me

In the silence there is clarity, distance and that tempting feeling of contentment… 45 more words



Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for what I have and what I am right here and now. I am everything I need to be at this moment. 128 more words


I am not Ruth.

I am sure everyone has done this at some point… coveted someone else’s life.  Maybe it was because they had an awesome family. or they are extremely talented and intelligent.  417 more words

I Am ( A Work In Progress)

I technically began writing this post an entire week ago, but despite the hours spend on it and feelings i poured into it, the entire post got swallowed up somewhere that I cannot save it from. 251 more words

Season Kickoff

I don’t know whether it’s my closet nerd status or my time spent teaching that get me all excited about this time of year. It could be all the energy of such great expectations in the air or just the hankering to hit up Staples for all the latest and greatest in school supplies. 248 more words


So hum

I am sunrise. I am sand. I am crashing waves and unsung songs. I am wet ink bathed in the sun. I am. I am. So hum. 6 more words



Nieuw schooljaar, nieuwe start, nieuwe opleiding, nieuwe mensen en nieuwe ervaring..
Om eerlijk te zijn, mijn zin moet nog een beetje komen. Niet dat ik geen zin heb om weer te beginnen, maar alles is toch weer nieuw. 137 more words