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•Serj Tankian (System of a Down)• Occupied Tears•

Music will unite the world. Serj Tankian’s song for Palestine.

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•Eddie Vedder• Imagine (John Lennon Cover)•

After Eddie Vedder raging against war in one of his concerts a week ago, getting attacks from hundreds of ‘fans’ for this rage and after writing an… 89 more words

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•Mighty Oaks•Brother•

Who? Mighty Oaks

What? Alternative folk band from Berlin formed in 2010.

Albums? Howl (2014)

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•Nate Eiesland•Drifting•

Who? Nate Eiesland

What? A member of the band ON AN ON  who wrote this song along other music composers as a contribution to the compilation The Red Album which features 15 songwriters from all across north America.

Genre? Indie

I Breathe Music

•Eddie Vedder to Palestine•

So Eddie Vedder. Ah the Vedder,  Keeps giving me more and more reasons to love and respect this one very spectacular musician. After he finished the song ‘Daughter’ in a concert 2 days ago this is what he had to say to the US government and Israel against the war on Gaza ( Speech starts at minute 4): 257 more words

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