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Mama Said MYOB

Since we’ve tied the knot, lots of people have asked us, both together and separately, “how’s married life?” It’s a pretty harmless question, and that’s ok, especially when it comes from our close friends, family members, or some co-workers. 1,092 more words

Wedding Philosophy

Lacking Ambition

With Facebooks and Instagrams and all the internet-connectedness that plagues my generation, it is easy to feel inferior.  After all, people have an image to maintain (or create), and a big part of that is highlighting all that they have going for them.  951 more words

Writing Misadventures

Danger of the Individual

One of the damaging parts of an individualist culture is you believe that “my decisions and actions are my own and they don’t affect anyone but me.” Really? 842 more words

This isn't even my final form

I think all the crap I’ve been through in the past 4 years or so helped me grow and get a lot of perspective. It sucked but if it didn’t happen, I might have still been a completely immature dumbass. 41 more words