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She wanted a prince to come

Pick her up and save her

Instead she got a wolf

Who turned around and ate her


A Holiday! Day 4: Sigyn among the succulents

Sigyn at first wanted to go to the zoo today, but then she thought it would be better to break the animals up with some plants, so we are at the botanical garden. 125 more words

Naughty Loki

Mama Said MYOB

Since we’ve tied the knot, lots of people have asked us, both together and separately, “how’s married life?” It’s a pretty harmless question, and that’s ok, especially when it comes from our close friends, family members, or some co-workers. 1,092 more words

Wedding Philosophy

Lacking Ambition

With Facebooks and Instagrams and all the internet-connectedness that plagues my generation, it is easy to feel inferior.  After all, people have an image to maintain (or create), and a big part of that is highlighting all that they have going for them.  951 more words

Writing Misadventures