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Consume Me

She gazed at him with such intensity, it was a wonder why he hasn’t noticed it right away. Following every perfect line of his body, images bombarded her mind. 538 more words

Brain Fart

High Standards

As we’ve learned before, some people have very specific tastes.

So many questions. I will wail your FACE off with my rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on the recorder. 195 more words

Raised Eyebrow

Prepared for In-Home Emergencies

I’ve got them, but I don’t carry. I keep them at home in my arsenal. If you walk around packin’ heat, you’re just looking for trouble. 111 more words

Raised Eyebrow

Ms. Brutally Honest

On the one hand, I have to give this lady her propers for (1) knowing herself; (2) being, uh, forthright; and (3) recognizing that being human means being imperfect, by definition. 17 more words

Flies With Vinegar

Fun with Math: The Finale!

Hopefully you didn’t miss Part 1 of this epic messaging adventure. If you did, click on any of the links in this sentence and go read it… 340 more words

I Don't Even