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(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 彡 sɹǝqɯnu

Just when I thought I can already be free from the hell that is the number systems, the binaries and the octals and the hexadeciwhatnots came back to haunt the crap out of me. 187 more words



For the past two days I’ve been dropping my kid off late to preschool. I had no idea. I thought it started at 930! I was wondering why all of the doors were locked. 276 more words

Mommy Brain: The struggle is real

I had to use a calculator the other day. To figure out what 12 plus 9 was. I was paying bills (during the 10 minutes my baby, Riker, usually agrees to sleep in the crib before he wakes up crying like he’s being murdered by a serial killer named Icepick Ivan) and trying to figure out how much money we’d have left over for frivolous things such as food and industrial strength “wall poop remover.” And then suddenly, this basic arithmetic problem stopped me in my tracks. 752 more words