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The Pinterest of Sex

Like most of the Internet, I recently watched the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey. I read the book, too, back when it first came out and some women I worked with pressed it on me. 850 more words


Just Desserts

(Not about cake. Sorry.)

A few years ago, the New York Times ran a piece about which drivers are more detrimental to traffic – the speeder-uppers or the wait-and-seers. 1,002 more words

I Just Can't

Does your muse ever just tug at you and point at another character and says “I WANT THAT ONE.” 

“I would like this one, I think.”

Puke Surprise

I’m sure there are plenty of ways to feel awake and energized in the morning, but for me, nothing compares to stepping in and then cleaning up a fresh pile of cat puke. 326 more words


A Little Bit Braindead

We recently got cable after having just Internet for a couple of years, and I’m slowly easing back into it. Maybe I’d enjoy it faster if I didn’t spend weeknights cooking and getting stuff done; as it stands, I have either very little time to sit down and watch TV or very little ability to… 696 more words


I Don't Care About Your Dick

Here’s the thing about unsolicited dick pics:

(Oh, I’ve got buckets of Goldblum reaction photos, so just try me. At least three other candidates for disgust, this one just happened to have the right amount of “really?” in it.) 1,057 more words