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Toiling in the Land of Vocal Fry

Vocal fry: the lowest vocal register…produced through a loose glottal closure which will permit air to bubble through slowly with a popping or rattling sound of a very low frequency. 837 more words


What St. Louis Means for People Who Have Suddenly Decided to Care

I’m still struggling to get used to my new schedule. While I don’t have trouble actually waking up, it is difficult to get home from work and feel like doing anything other than sleeping, which could explain why I’ve cooked all of two meals this week and have a fridge full of wasted green stuff. 1,057 more words

I Just Can't

It Never Hurts to Check Your Privilege

Although there were many things I didn’t like about my old job, one of the things I was pretty happy about was my schedule. After about a year of dragging my old bones out of bed before sunrise and feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day, I was given the 9:30am to 6:00pm shift, which meant that I could wake up when it was already light out and, from about early May until late September, at least, go home when the sun was still visible. 904 more words


There Is No Way Back

I think about this song a lot. Not because it’s Tom Waits (who is the greatest artist in the world) or because it always makes me cry (even though it does) or because it is masterfully haunting, compassionate, and condemning in the way that all great protest songs are (and it really, truly is), but because for all of the years prior to its release in 2006 and for the eight years since and especially now, as it seems that much of the country is beginning to wake up from a decades-long sleep to see what is actually happening in Gaza outside of the frighteningly narrow pro-Israel blinders applied by US media, this song has and is resonating with such deadly accuracy. 999 more words

I Just Can't

The Pinterest of Sex

Like most of the Internet, I recently watched the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey. I read the book, too, back when it first came out and some women I worked with pressed it on me. 850 more words


Just Desserts

(Not about cake. Sorry.)

A few years ago, the New York Times ran a piece about which drivers are more detrimental to traffic – the speeder-uppers or the wait-and-seers. 1,002 more words

I Just Can't