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A Brisk Gait

The other day, I was walking from building to building at work when someone I don’t know fell into step behind me and exclaimed “that’s a brisk gait!” 640 more words


Boom, That's Spaghetti

The thing about not spending money on alcohol or going out to places where other people spend money on alcohol is that eventually, you forget what it’s like, meaning you forget what it’s like to be surrounded by drunks who can’t walk without stumbling, can’t speak without slurring, and have suddenly decided to invade your space because you’re either invisible or are their new best friend. 615 more words

I Just Can't

Shit Robot

Do you remember when you realized that everyone’s house had its own smell, and that in addition to your family’s houses and your friends’ houses and the houses of people you didn’t really know, that must mean that… 631 more words


and just like everything else, 

this too, shall pass. 

The Joy Eaters

When Courtney and I first started receiving our CSA boxes, I admit that I wasted more food than I ate. I stored it improperly and it wilted in the fridge, or I didn’t know how to cook it properly and the leftovers languished, or I just plain forgot I had it and it went bad before I could figure anything out. 478 more words