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The 5 Cutest Cats You'll See Today

We love cats! And to prove this, we at Anyway Talk tracked down our top 5 cutest cats using Google’s Usage Rights tool on its Image Search. 34 more words



Saw this cat yesterday while having coffee…
I noticed her because her belly is big… then i realized she is pregnant. Cool. :)

I have this weird fondness with cats ever since i was a kid. 151 more words


Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

It seems as though my two little monsters think the Christmas tree is their new toy. Dragging it down the stairs and into the living room, I had two wide-eyed kitties following me all the way interested in what this big green bristly thing is for. 336 more words

Moggie Monsters

Master's degree awarded!

Hello all! It has been awhile since my last post. Me and my girls have been busy moving across the United States! I have begun a new doctoral program in Animal Behavior specializing in cat behavior, cat cognition and the human-cat relationship. 42 more words


No bullying!

So it seems Mister Shadow is becoming a little bully over his cat tree. Every-time Milo is sat sleeping on the top tier Shadow walks over stretches out as tall as possible and starts bopping Milo until he moves off of “his” throne… as we call it in our house. 195 more words

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Pets are family too!

I’ve always had a cat since as far back as I can remember. I can definitely remember having cats of all sizes and colours, always something unique about each and every one of them. 319 more words

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Treats, Treats, Treatssss!

We often buy them, as my boys are a TINY bit spoiled. They love their treats, be it; Fish, Chicken or even a combination with cheese. 379 more words

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