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Caturday Cartoon

This pretty much sums it up for me….anyone else?


Cats and Dude-Bros Just Don't Mix

I’m a cat lady and I openly admit that both in life and on my dating profiles. I have one of my own and, as far as I’m concerned, a billion others in that that is the stray cat population of the world. 96 more words


Cat Cafe Melbourne

I’ve been wanting to start this new blog for a while now but I wanted my very first post to be about something exciting, fun and a little out of the ordinary so have had to be patient until now… however I finally have the perfect story to post about! 352 more words

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Goodbye Brutus

Life is fickle.

It’s the truth, isn’t it? Quite recently my partner lost his 14-going-on-15 year old cat, Brutus (a.k.a. Brutes, Brutey, Brutey Brutes). While it’s also my loss, I do not claim to feel the same measure of anguish as he. 168 more words


A Cat & his cat tree: Part 2

Tyson’s getting high!

Another photograph, sent to me by his owner.  Such a handsome kitty!  And he can almost touch the ceiling!  I’m glad to see that Tyson has thoroughly made the new cat tree his own. 12 more words


Black cats are purrfection and here's why

I was looking through my local shelter’s facebook page the other day (I love torturing myself by looking at the pictures of all the precious little kitties I can’t have) and there was this black cat, and I’m telling you, this cat was like a fuzzy little black cotton ball with green eyes. 611 more words

Animal Shelter

The time is *meow*

It’s the long weekend (or soon to be, for me) and I’m not in much of a writing mood (strange, because my deadlines are inching closer and closer). 148 more words