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'Flying Dogs' Are Better Than Superman

If you love Superman, you must love that fact that he can fly. But what would you think if you saw flying dogs instead? Awesome, right? 202 more words


Friday Favorites: Frenchy Friday *

This is how you fail at Friday Favorites: So I got to work this morning only to realize I completely forgot my computer. YES,  I do in fact transport my Macbook Pro back and forth from my office every single day. 351 more words

Mimosas & Mommyhood

Watching the world go by

My dog loves to stare out the front window. I have no idea what he’s watching but something attracts him enough to sit and look out the window for long periods of time. 188 more words


Home is where the canine is...

I just thought to celebrate my canine today. My very first canine. I can’t wait to have my next one (which I won’t have till I have my own home and can ensure that I will never have to leave him to anyone to look after). 640 more words


Dogs and Worms (Ew!)

So, the title of this blog says it all. Dogs and worms. Ew!! thats how I feel when I think about dogs and worms. I’ve personally never seen worms in any of my dogs own poo, thankfully, but that is likely due to having always dewormed our dogs when introducing a new puppy into the family.  197 more words