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December 16, 2014

I love dogs! I do not however, love dogs more than I do my fellow human being. Dogs love us unconditionally. Which makes us love them in return because we can do so without fear of being judged, or, fear of expectation from them. 36 more words

Pennsylvania LL Walk

Today I felt like the hydrant......

Yesterday we were parked and just getting out of the truck at doggie daycare…..just about to go into one of our favourite places when….out of the blue, up from behind I saw this Sheba Inu behind mom!!!  335 more words

Winter Coats for Dogs

Currently, we live in New Jersey. I’ve been a “Jersey Girl” all my life. Luckily, we get to experience all four seasons. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful aspect of living in New Jersey, specifically the northeast. 109 more words

Dog Clothes

Happy Birthday Hana and Cleo!

Wow we’re 9 today!  Well, at least as close as we can figure out our exact birthday being the puppies from a rescue….but that’s OK.  It’s close enough!!  362 more words

Crashing just ain't no fun!!


Not only did I crash the one day but the very next day I crashed again!!  Hana says mommy……Hana come.  I tried really hard honest!  475 more words

14 ways to tell that you are crazy for your dog

  1. 24×7 Companionship
    Your day begins and ends with them. Ideally it never ends; you even are cuddly sleepers …Zzzzz
  2. Nothing like a lick on the face…
  3. 624 more words