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Winter Coats for Dogs

Currently, we live in New Jersey. I’ve been a “Jersey Girl” all my life. Luckily, we get to experience all four seasons. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful aspect of living in New Jersey, specifically the northeast. 109 more words

Dog Clothes

Happy Birthday Hana and Cleo!

Wow we’re 9 today!  Well, at least as close as we can figure out our exact birthday being the puppies from a rescue….but that’s OK.  It’s close enough!!  362 more words

Crashing just ain't no fun!!


Not only did I crash the one day but the very next day I crashed again!!  Hana says mommy……Hana come.  I tried really hard honest!  475 more words

A Scare by Hana!

I’m sorry I gave you such a scare last night mommy……..

Wow.  Is that what they call a crash landing?  I was outside with Tracker minding my own business, close to dinner time and when mommy called it was all I could do to manage to walk let alone get up those stairs!! 561 more words

Save A Puppy With Your Selfie #lastday

Update: As of Sunday Nov. 9th, 2014 the sweet dog has been ADOPTED by a loving family with kids and a big back yard!!!!! 

Gender-bending supermodel Rain Dove is organizing a group of youth to take one dog from death row at a NYC animal shelter and give it the best last day of its life on Sunday November 9, 2014. 389 more words

Good Advice

gratitude-a-thon day 460: the cutest thing, maybe ever

I SERIOUSLY can’t believe how freaking adorable this is. A dog. A baby. We have lift off. I’m watching it again.

Thank goodness Hana is such a pretty girl and I'm so handsome!

Holy.  Have Hana and I ever screwed up recently!  We both made serious bathroom errors!  Hana peed again in her usual spot and me….I really messed up by pooping in the crate!  377 more words