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Vice Ganda of my Life

Sometimes we meet people who makes us feel good about ourselves when we cant.,

I Love My Friends! :)

You know you don't care that much when...

Remember the movie that pretended to give women a life lesson and ended up telling us the exact opposite of what seemed to be its premise? 900 more words

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Rant: I can't say 'I Love You'?

*Warning: contains a bit of strong language*

People always seem surprise me, either good or bad…

Just take this for example:

Some people are trying to convince me that it’s not right to tell my friends that I love them or send them hearts. 419 more words


Sweet blessed change.

Whoooofta!  What a month.  I was homeless for three weeks there, but I got by with a little help from my friends.  What could have been a desperate and horrible situation left me feeling loved and cared for.   453 more words

Oh, I'm going places... kinda

It was Friday, only twenty minutes to 4 p.m. All the people at work were just about to make their way home and I was screaming at my phone, trying to make my voice clear and loud through the outrageous Mariachi men singing at the top of their voices.  1,506 more words

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